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Karup's Private Collection

Reviewed on 01/14/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 10
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 10
Overall: 9.0

Main: Babes

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $69.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
The site under the microscope this time is Karup's Private Collection. Karup's claims to have over 1 million exclusive photos, hundreds of videos, and 5 updates a week. The site is what I'd call "general interest", featuring solo girls, amateurs, teens, hardcore, lesbian, and more. The site has been around at least 9 years, and it's not hard to see why with an epic amount of pics and videos.

The main members page is direct, simple, and fairly well-organized; it even explains why the page might seem "plain" at the top (easier navigation). The first part of the page is 3 ads to other Karup's sites, there's text explaining that these require separate purchases but some guys don't read that sort of thing. Below that is the main menu on the left, updates on the right, and some various site-related stuff beneath. The simplicity of this navigation is quite welcome - if you can read English, you can find content (and if you can't, how are you reading this review?). And because each section is broken into numbered albums... hundreds of them... expect the word "album" to look weird forever more.

Navigating further inside the site is very minimalistic, there's a link bar at the bottom of each page to their homepage and to the site's 5 collections - while the collections explain themselves on the main page, collection 1, collection 2, etc. links don't really tell you much. It is tough to get lost since there's very few links to worry about, but you'll find yourself using your "back" button often due to a lack of "previous" links anywhere. The model index, while a welcome feature, uses no last names or initials - just first names and thumbnails - and the only way to navigate it is 1 page at a time, there are 13 "A" pages alone so if you want to see any of the 7 models named "Ava" without searching, you'll have to click through each of the first 12 "A" pages.

There are a lot of girls on this site, an almost unfathomable variety really. The sections are broken down into "amateurs", "models", "teens", "asians", "exotics", "older women", "anal", "guy/girl", "blowjobs", "girl/girl", "3 or more", "girls w/ toys", "more babes", and "more sex", and it lives up to that daunting list. The girls seem to range from moderately attractive to very pretty, and are chiefly slender to healthy. Because the site has been around so long, the styles of models changes drastically, it's interesting to see how porn has changed over the last 2 decades.

The movies are updated around once a week, added in albums of several videos (I've seen as high as 11, many with 8, and as low as 2) - I'd say there's perhaps 800 or more videos in here, there are 242 albums with multiple videos each. The movies are not broken down by any genres at all, each newer album has several videos in it - often a few solo girl videos, a lesbian video, and a hardcore video - it's a video sampler platter, if you will; the older albums are not as easy to count on but usually have multiple vids in them.

The video section isn't organized by anything other than album number (basically, when it was added), the earlier albums are 320x240 MPEGs cut into clips of varying lengths from as short as a minute to 5 minutes or more, but soon you'll find mostly WMVs which also vary greatly. The earlier WMVs are 320x240 with a 472 kbps bitrate, and run fairly long from around 6 to even 13 minute clips which is decent. Later albums get better quality WMVs, first moving the bitrate up to 742 kbps, the last third moving the size up to 640x480 with a 1048 kbps bitrate which is pretty darn good. Each video is just a link so your browser settings will decide how it opens, usually that means it'll open in Media Player, if it's a standalone player you'll have to enter your username/password.

Most of the 320x240 WMVs and all of the 640x480 WMVs look very nice; they play smoothly, are fairly well lit, and load quickly. The sound is often hard to hear on solo girl and lesbian videos, but alright in hardcore videos. Since the videos are such a grab-bag variety of subjects and photographers, the setting, actions, sound, everything is diverse yet professional.

There are a staggering amount of photos here, even a conservative estimate suggests their claim of "over a million exclusive photos" is accurate. Although many of the earliest photo galleries have just a dozen or so pictures, later galleries have 30, 60, even 90 photos, all exclusive and all professional stills, not vidcaps, so they're clear, focused, and well-lit. The oldest photos are around 400x600 and up, 40 to 60 kb, not great but ok; most of the photos are bigger size at about 700x1000 and up, 200 to 300 kb or more, pretty good - like everything else, there's a variety of sizes and shot choices, but the image quality remains consistently nice. A lot of galleries spent more time with the setup - posing and stripping - than other sites, some guys prefer this while others want to get to more nudity and action. Each page in a photo gallery has a link to the next page (if there is one) and a link to a zip file with the photos on just that page, sometimes there are actually 2 or 3 zip files on a page splitting the load, this seems like a really odd way to do bulk saves for the users rather than all the photos in the whole gallery in 1 single file, but it's still better than nothing.

There are at least 20 bonus feed sites in the "Feeds Collection", various video stream, cam, and gallery sites. The bonus links use an odd pop-up window system which can sometimes lead back to the Karup’s page I was just on, but nearly all worked for me.

I hate to say anything unkind about a site with this much content, but therein lies a problem, there's so much content but so little organization beyond when it was added and the only way to search models is by first name, there should be a way to search by hair color or body type or action, as it is now you just view an albums thumbs that lead to the various galleries. The photos' zip files broken up by page also seems weird, and I'd have preferred more pictures per page. The movies section is even worse, not organized by anything other than the date it was added. Also, I appreciate the simple manner the site was designed, but there should be more navigating within galleries, albums, and model index pages.

Variety is the name of the game at Karup's Private Collection. The site layout and navigation is intentionally left basic so users won't get tangled up or confused, the amount of photo galleries is staggering, and there are tons of videos - you will not feel like you've seen it all after a day or even a week. If you're looking for a site with a ton of different kinds of girls, millions of photos of all kinds of girls, hundreds of videos of girls, some hardcore and other action, with updates to one section or another nearly every day of the week, you will want to join this site.

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