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Just Legal Babes

Reviewed on 03/10/2008 by Frank

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.3

Main: Teen

3 Day Trial: $1.85 (recurs at $39.98)
1 Month: $29.99

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Just Legal Babes mean the girls are just legal in the sense of barely legal but unfortunately that domain name is already taken by the Penthouse folks. This should mean that all the girls are still in their teens, 18 or 19. Indeed the girls in the trailer do look young and very attractive. Teen is the most hotly contested niche on the sexual side of the internet. There are thousands of "teen" sites. To their credit the girls here would seem to be genuine teens. The site offers daily updates; all exclusive high definition filmed content and high-resolution images as well as bonus content. There are ten video samples in the tour providing an example of their high definition format. The video may have been shot with a high definition camera but the quality can only be described as good particularly on full screen. The high definition version of the movies takes a long time to buffer and the video stopped frequently as it waited for more information to be downloaded. I have an ultra high speed DSL connection and am usually able to stream big files without a problem. This would seem to suggest that site's servers are not up to serving the high speed versions of the videos. There is a standard version also available.

There are 40 hi-definition videos. Videos can be viewed in 3 formats, High Definition, Standard and QuickTime. The high definition and standard options are both WMV files. The high definition plays on a wide, albeit, small screen and the quality delivered here is good in comparison to the quality of the standard WMV and QuickTime versions which are satisfactory for the small screens they play on. And just like the trailer the full versions of high definition stream badly. They require too long to buffer and stop frequently while rebuffering. All the videos can be downloaded but you have to be quick to right click "save target as" before the options disappear and are replaced with the video screen. I found the exercise very frustrating. More frustrating still is the incredibly low download speed. It hovers around 83 kb/s, one of the lowest I have ever encountered. This explains why the high definition stream keeps stopping to rebuffer. I right click and save Naomi. The 133 MB file, small for a supposed high definition file, takes nearly 30 minutes to download. Out of curiosity I start a second download, but in standard format this time. Incredibly the speed of downloads goes up on both files, but not by much. Now Naomi is downloading at 86 kb/s and Alexa Von Tess at 105 kb/s. Clearly you lose nothing by starting a second download.

Of the 40 videos, most are in two parts and some are in 3 parts. All the boy/girl videos are in two or more parts. It is only the solo girls that have one video. I don't like that. It just smacks of filler unless the video actually contains two or three separate scenes and going from blowjob to fucking doesn't count. The unacceptably slow download speeds are not just an artifact of my present moment on the site. It has been over a week since I started this review (I was under the weather) and download speeds the last time I was here were about the same.

I recommend using the standard streams to preview the videos you would like to see at full screen. Then download the high definition version of those while you go do something else. I like the QuickTime streaming format. It allows you to jump ahead if the stream is faster than where you are in the video while WMV forces you to wait until the stream is fully loaded before you can jump ahead and see, for example, the cute blonde Kylie Lee taking a full mouth full of semen after her hot fuck. Although with the slow downloads here there is not much of an advantage. Naomi on the big screen looks great, small tits, hard tight body and lovely tiny transparent panties that show of her shaved vulva. I like her solo but would love to see how she handles a cock or two. Alex Love is a cutie I have seen before. Her QuickTime makes me want to download the high definition, both parts one and two. She is so lovely with the perky yet bouncy breasts on a slim tiny body. The big guy fucking her can never quite get his cock all the way into her tiny perfect pussy.

There are four pages of high resolution photos. Most are solo girl sets and seem unrelated to the site but then I come across a set from the shoot of Alex Love and big cock. The pictures are large, 680x1024 pixels, and good quality. There are in fact two shoots of Alex and big cock and a set of her with another girl. These photos are worth a look.

I like this site. The girls are all within the age range suggested by the site's name, Just Legal Babes. There is an adequate amount of video content and the photo sets are a plus. An update was added in the time I was looking at the site. Bonus content consists of plug-ins that regular viewers of porn will find familiar. Downloads are painfully slow. They should upgrade their servers.

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