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Just Creampie

Reviewed on 10/19/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.7

Main: Creampie

2 Day Trial: $2.95 (recurs at $28.01)
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Got a craving to see some unprotected sex? Want to see tight pussies fucked raw and then filled with hot cum? Ever wanted to watch girls as they tighten their cunts till jizz drips out of them? Today we're taking a look at Just Creampie, a site featuring amateur babes who get banged without a condom, then get filled with splooge. The site promises us exclusive content shown in full-screen high quality resolution, high quality pics and weekly updates as well as a network of bonus sites. Sound good? Let's take a look at Just Creampie!

When you log into Just Creampie, you are taken to a network landing page where you'll find links to a huge collection of bonus sites and DVD content. Since we want to get to the member area of Just Creampie, I scroll down the page till I get to the listing and click it. An alternate way to get there would be to click the link at the top of the page that says Our Exclusive Sites and find it on the dropdown menu.

When you get to Just Creampie, you will see links at the very top of the page leading to extra content and exclusive bonus sites and below that is a single advertising banner. If you don't count the extras and bonus sites, Just Creampie is a pretty basic site. It offers 48 videos that are linked from the video menu. You can see how long each movie is, and how big the download size is. Each movie listing has a link to a single - and rather large - full length movie. There are no clips, no galleries, no alternate formats, no description of the action. What the site does offer for each video are 12 unclickable preview thumbs from each movie so you'll know what happens and what each girl looks like.

There are 4 movies listed on each video page, for a total of 12 pages - well, actually 13 but the last page had no movies listed on it. Go figure!

Each movie is an MPG that is usually over 200mb in size, although the first movie listed seems to also be the shortest at just over 4 minutes but most of the videos are around 15 minutes or longer. The movies download at a normal speed, which takes some patience since a 200mb to 300mb movie can take the average broadband user 8 or more minutes to download. This is definitely NOT a site for dialup users! It's a shame that no WMVs are available as they start to play while they are loading so there's no wait.

The movies look okay at their original size of 320x240 but for those who prefer to watch bigger movies, I'd recommend enlarging to 200% rather than going full screen as some - not all - of the movies look pretty degraded at full screen. The sound is pretty good on all the videos I watched and many of the movies are over 20 minutes long.

All the movies do include sticky creampies, or at least hot wet condom-free sex and a cumshot on the pussy - well, all the movies but the first one. Apparently something went wrong there because the video is not only short, it's obviously not all there since we only get as far as the guy stroking the girl's ass before the video ends.

If you're looking for real creampie movies, featuring real internal cumshots, this is an iffy collection. There is a video where the guy gestures as he is supposedly cumming and the video cuts off till later. There is more than one movie where the cumshot is actually external and one where the guy actually shots on the chick's bush rather than in or on her cunt. And there's an anal movie where after the guy cums, he keeps spreading the girl's asshole to show us the cum, but I sure didn't see any. Still, there are some real creampie movies in there as well, but I'd say this is a no-condom site and creampie lovers may be disappointed.

Members also get access to that large group of bonus sites I mentioned earlier including another creampie site, a girls drinking cum site, and all sorts of smut from teens to handjobs to Asian porn. In addition, members have access to the DVD archive, which currently includes 735 porn scenes, which, they say is 11491 minutes of porn. According to my calculator, that's just over 191 hours of videos.

Just Creampie offers members 48 videos in MPG format. That means you have to fully download each movie before watching it, which can be time consuming. The videos are amateur to good amateur quality but you'll notice a lack of quality if you try to watch them at full screen. Some of the videos do not actually end in a creampie, but all the movies are condom-free. The site has no pics, and it's hard to say whether it updates or not, but members also get access to a network of over 20 sites and a DVD archive. If you love unprotected sex videos combined with some creampies, you can find them at Just Creampie.

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