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Japan 18 Movies

Reviewed on 03/18/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 9
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 8.3

Main: Asian

3 Day Trial: $1.00 (recurs at $39.95)
1 Month: $39.95
3 Months: $59.95

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First Impression:
I am really looking forward to reviewing Japan 18 Movies. I love Japanese erotica for many reasons. First of all it is often focused on an adoration of the female body and pleasuring the object of that adoration to multiple orgasms even if she doesn’t want them. Often the young woman is bound or held by accomplices as she is stimulated with fingers and toys almost beyond endurance. And the emphasis is on young. I am sure they are all of legal age but with so many of the girls in school uniforms it comes uncomfortable close to the line. The other thing I like is the Japanese penchant for cute; so many of the girls are cute and cuddly and innocent-looking. I have a panty fetish and those that are familiar with Japanese porn will know that in many of their videos the girls keep their panties on for a good portion of the scene, with the guy or guys stimulating the girls through their panties. I think in part this is because of a Japanese prohibition against showing the genital organs which is why genitals are so often digitized. Although it seems to be always correct to show the anus or gallons of cum being ejaculated on the sweet female faces from the digitized dongs. The other characteristic of Japanese porn, beyond its focus on foreplay, is the fact that many Japanese women are not shaved and they are very rarely tattooed or pierced or surgically enhanced. As you will quickly see from the tour page there is no digitizing of the images in Japan 18 Movies.

I recently reviewed another site that is one of the bonus sites you get here. It is Insane Bondage. I was impressed with the amount and quality of the content although disconcerted by the fact that 80 videos disappeared from the site while I was in it. Japan 18 Movies also offers a lot of content. There are 591 scenes available at the moment. I click on a video, dated Feb 27, 2007. The video contains two scenes. Scene 1 is available whole as a download of DVD quality in a 1.3 gig MPG file. It can also be downloaded as a 667 MB MPG file or as a 401 MB iPod file. These are big files. I choose the 667 MB medium quality. I will save having a look at a DVD quality file until I find a smaller one. The download maintains an average download speed of 421 kb/s which is very good. The movie can also be downloaded in 14 broadband quality segments, 23 DSL quality segments, or 34 telephone dial-up quality segments. While waiting I cruise the site and find another video I want to download. The second download reaches speeds of 220 kb/s while the first download never falls below 340 kb/s, very impressive. Even more impressive is the fact that while I am waiting for the two videos to download I can return to cruising the site for another video. I am pleasantly surprised that I can stream it as broadband quality while the two other videos maintain the download speeds previously mentioned.

The video I stream is Serina Sakurai. She is a young full breasted girl with a lovely furry pussy. Her panties get removed too soon for my personal liking but I like everything else about the video. It has been a very long time since I have seen a fully hairy pussy and Serina is such a lovely young woman. The extensive foreplay is a treat to watch and in typical fashion the video finishes with a facial. I think the other reason I like watching Japanese porn, besides the incredibly beautiful women, is the fact that Japanese men generally seem to be less endowed that we westerners and so it is less intimidating that gargantuan super-size bigger-is-better American porn cocks.

The titles of the DVDs are exotic. Ass Girl With No Limits begins with a naked teen on all fours bound with red rope. She crawls along the street gutter and enters a van where she is played with until orgasm. The Japanese are so kinky. I am not a big fan of sex in vans but when the Japanese do it; they do it differently. Who knew that headrests are excellent for tying a girls arms to before you assault her. School girls remain the most common fantasy. Movie quality is excellent. The contrast between innocent young faces and subsequent sexual exposure is very erotic.

I really like Japan 18 Movies. The models are young, fresh and very innocent looking. They dress in cute costumes and are progressively disrobed and aroused to an incredible sexual intensity. Often the girls are bound or held by a couple of other guys while another arouses them with fingers and toys. There is an immense amount of content already and it is constantly being updated. I previously reviewed one of the bonus sites offered that I also liked a lot. This is a great site for lovers of Japanese porn.

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