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Here's a site that was thrown my way - a Latina site that has promises of hot Latin women getting fucked silly by horny guys. The title of this site is I Want Latina. OK, I want Latina, too. Let's check it out.

Here we are at the members area of I Want Latina. Real basic layout - can't get lost here. No ads or bullshit to get in to the way of you enjoying the porn. Five navigation links at the top are pretty much intuitive and go to where they say they'll go. These same five navigation links are also on the bottom in case you didn't get it the first time. Latest videos are on the left and latest pictures are in the middle. A survey about RSS feeds is on the right.

Videos are the primary method of serving porn in internet paysites and I Want Latina has no less then 60 of them in its collection. Available in two formats, each with 2 speeds and three sizes, the choices are: Hi Speed - 700k WMV @480x360, and a 650k MPEG @321x240. Lo Speed - 128k WMV @240x180, 56k WMV also @240x180, and a 350k MPEG @219x160. Yep, these all work fine and dandy. The smaller ones aren't too big and are best suited for the dial-up users. The larger ones are good and can be up-sized to full screen and still be watchable with not too much loss in image quality. Each video episode is broken up into clips for quick streaming or downloading but there are no complete movie download options available.

Pictorial content in I Want Latina consists of two choices. Each episode has the option to view screen caps of the video, or you can go to the area on the navigation bar that says "pictures". The pictures offered along side each video episode are standard issue vidcaps. Often a hit or miss affair in some sites, the people behind this site took the time to weed out all the useless captures that others sometimes leave in. These vid caps follow the action in chronological order from start to finish. The other picture choice is found under the "pictures" navigation button. These are actual digital stills taken sometime during the action. I Want Latina only offers eight sets of these. These stills are sized at 800x600 and are of decent serviceable porn quality.

The action in I Want Latina features Latin women. These chicks are representative of the type of average to cute Latinas that might be found in South America. An acquired taste to some, or a must have to others - you decide. But I'll bet the reason that you're interested in a site featuring Latin women is because you like them. For some reason there seem to be a lot of pools in South America, thus perhaps is the reason for a large proportion of the video episodes in this site having scenes shot in or around pools. Other areas of focus are bedrooms, living rooms, and the great outdoors. Couples, threesomes, oral, anal, some lesbian, and whatever other standard porn scenarios you can think of are depicted here, often partnered up with tasteful Latin acoustic guitar soundtracks. I happen to like Latin guitar music and the music presented here reminds me of some of my favorite restaurants.

What about bonus content? Well, 43 sites are available to check out that mostly focus on general hardcore with a few specialty topics thrown in for good measure. As far as I can tell I Want Latina is the only Latin specific site in the collective. But if you buy a membership to this site you get access to a multitude of other sites within the BrainPass Network containing numbers of videos and pictures too high for even me to count. Additional but not necessarily bonus content includes a "store" where you can purchase more Latin videos - for a price - and a listing of "friends" who also charge money to join or buy there wares.

"What's wrong with this site?" you ask. Well, not really all that much but there are a few issues. Let's see - the vidcaps have a "download zipfile" feature that lets you download a zipfile that doesn't unzip with the utilities included with Windows. I hear that other fringe software can open them. Good luck. Also, no dates on anything, episodes, updates - nothing. To me it's a non-issue unless the site is truly abandoned and I Want Latinas isn't one of those, although it would be nice to know how often the site updates. And what's with only eight picture sets of real pictures? Why bother? Eight isn't even worth having on a site that features mainly videos.

I Want Latinas is an average site focused on women that seem to be Latin and from South America. All the site metrics function, and are easily accessible so you'll never get lost. And there's no ads to disfigure the site. The tour was honest and all the Latina chicks presented there can be found within the site, in all sorts of porn action. All the video content works and plays well. Vidcaps are offered and work. A small amount of digital pictures are offered but seem negligible considering that sixty videos can be found within the site. A weird zip file situation and no current update activity are the issues. All in all, I Want Latinas is good enough to add to your roster of porn site memberships. Ole'!

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