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The first thing you notice about Insane Cock Brothas is that the amateur white girls on the tour are taking on more than they can swallow - literally! It appears there is a reason the site is called Insane Cock Brothas. The size of the black dicks on these two ebony guys is insane! Usually so-called big dicks aren't big enough to make me go "Damn!" but these are, so let's log in and watch the Insane Cock Brothas as they pump tight white pussies!

Insane Cock Brothas is made by the same folks who brought us such sites as Milf Seeker, Her First Big Cock and Porn Stud Search. If you have ever joined one of the sites in this network, the member area layout of Insane Cock Brothas will be very familiar. The sites all have the same layout - member menu is on the left with video, pic and reading sections listed near the top, live sex and the rest of the Adult Marketplace beneath followed by customer service and then some ads. On the right is the latest Insane Cock Brothas update including links to the exclusive content section and below that are links to 24 bonus sites, all with their own exclusive content. Then there are network updates listed followed by something new - links to iPod content for the sites.

Let's not mess around here - I'm ready to get right to the content, so let's do that right now! In the exclusive section are 21 videos, each with pics, and coming attractions for the next 2 updates. Each set is listed by thumb, name and date with links to the pics on the left and videos on the right. The girl in each thumb is looking shocked by the size of the Insane Cock Brothas' members. The site seems to be updated 4 times per month but not at exactly weekly intervals.

To really understand Insane Cock Brothas, you have to understand what's different about it. The girls range from porn wannabes to full-on skanks - and I'm not one of those people who run around calling girls sluts, skanks or hos. These girls say they've never done a black guy, most say they don't really know any black guys - and some say they don't like black guys in general. While this was rather offensive, I guess the point of it is that the girls will be extra shocked to get fucked by two of what have to be the biggest black dicks I've seen in porn.

There are 2 formats and 3 speeds of videos in Insane Cock Brothas. The WMVs and QuickTimes are available in 56K, DSL and Broadband speed and the WMVs can be watched in your choice 2 screen sizes - 320x240 and 640x480 - although QuickTime can only be watched in 320x240. We are given the option to go full screen, we do not have the option to download the videos, only to watch them. The movies are available to watch in clips and the link under the player that says "Download Full-length Movie" actually leads to a site where you must pay to view.

Let's talk quality. These are amateur quality vids. You can always see the action and the videos look fine - no real issues - but they are not sharp and perfectly lit and crystal-clear. To add to the amateur feel of the videos, the interviews at the start are shot with a hand-held camcorder held by a guy without the steadiest of hands.

All this adds up to the web equivalent of reality TV. It has an immediate in-your-face real life feel that is gritty and sexy and just plain dirty.

If you're on regular or fast DSL or cable, do yourself a favor and go directly to the 640x480 broadband WMVs. They are the biggest screen size on the site and stream at around 542k. Honestly 542k isn't enough to make a 640x480 video look high end but it is definitely enough for an average amateur-quality video.

Each Insane Cock Brothas video comes with a set of digital stills of the shoot. These pics are good amateur quality, shown at a screen size of 600x800. There are no slideshows or downloadable zips of the pic sets but you can download the ones you like one at a time.

Last thing I wanted to mention is the bonus sites - 24 of them. Some of these are very good sites and each one updates weekly, as does Insane Cock Brothas, so that you can count on a lot of updates each week. I think the bonus sites add a lot of value for members who want plenty of reality porn videos.

These Insane Cock Brothas are hung - their cocks don't look real because they are SO big. It's amazing seeing the girls take both these massive cocks into their tight holes. The videos are average quality and the clips are available in WMV and QuickTime. Every video comes with pics and the movies are fast to load. The only real catch here is that the site is new, so there are only 21 videos right now. Still, that's not bad and members get access to a large network of bonus reality sites offering a large collection of porn. Why not check out Insane Cock Brothas for yourself and see what you think!

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