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Insane Bondage

Reviewed on 03/17/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 8.0

Main: Bdsm

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First Impression:
I am very attracted by the imagery of men and women in bondage. For some reason it was one of my pubescent fantasies, to be chained to the wall of castle dungeon and sexually tormented by my female captor(s). It worked equally well if was beautiful women chained in my castle dungeon. LOL. I am involved in the peripheries of the BDSM world through my association with the well-know Montreal Mistress Vanisha. She is now known simply as Mistress V. She is the founder and head of Club Montréal Fetish and is prominent in the Montreal Fetish community. She is known for her kick-ass Fetish shows and promoting acceptance of Fetish activities and life-styles through her educational efforts. That is why I find the choice of Insane Bondage for the site name to be deplorable. Safe and sane are the watchwords of BDSM. Practitioners of "insane" bondage would be pariahs.

A glance at the tour Insane Bondage quickly reveals the likely cause of the ill-chosen moniker. Insane Bondage is just one site of a colossal DVD site that has over 5700 videos. So the site name has been chosen to describe a collection of scenes taken from a variety of bondage DVDs, none of which, I am willing to bet is actually entitled Insane Bondage. Likely with the "Extreme Bondage" domain already taken, someone thought "Insane" might be a suitable synonym. Wrong! However, the tour itself is enticing. There are complex latex costumes and incredible torture chambers. There is female domination of males. There is cbt, cock and ball torture. There is everything here to potentially delight the BDSM fetish crowd, save for the silly name.

There are 271 full-length movies dedicated to Insane Bondage of a total of 5761 movies for the whole mega site as of this writing. There is an insane amount of content here and the variety is incredible. From the DVD, "Girls in Charge" there is a switch played by porn star Lily Thai fucking and sucking a guy to climax in her mouth. Lovers of Latex will love "Kinky Girl Friends" whose stars include Rubber Eve. This is a video that knows it audience. They even emphasize the sound of the rubber as it is played with, something that arouses those in that scene. The lovely exposed ass and shaved pussy of the beauty in the purple latex dress is spanked to a sunset’s red glow as she lays tied face-down on a bench. Almost every kink is here including enemas, girls fucking guys with dildos, breath play, suspension, etc. There is most incredible series of videos that I have yet seen in the BDSM world with the most outrageous costumes and equipment. One of the pieces of equipment that I first mistook for a hyperbaric chamber turns out to be an iron lung. It in impressive piece of machinery that really complements the outrageous leather and rubber costumes of the two Dommes and the long-suffering submissive. As I track back looking for the name of the Mistress involved I am befuddled by the fact that I can no longer find the videos on the site. I go back and forth but they are gone. Now the home page says that there are 189 full-length movies amongst a total of 5677. What the hell happened? I have the video downloaded and while I can’t tell you the names of the players I can tell you it is from the DVD Rubber Doll Factory

There are a large number of options for viewing the videos. The entire movie can be downloaded in three different sizes, a DVD quality MPG and a medium quality MPG and a version for iPod. It can also be downloaded in parts of varying length depending on whether it is for broadband, DSL, or telephone modem. The same parts can also be streamed. While still stunned by the disappearance of so many videos from this site, almost right in front of my eyes, I run across a video with my friend Mistress Vanisha in it. It is called the "The Abduction of Pamela". This is Mistress V when she is starting out her career as a Mistress. You can see she is a natural.

I started out really, really liking Insane Bondage even though I didn’t like the name. I still really like it but I am disconcerted by the fact that nearly 80 videos disappeared from the site in the time it took me to review it. There is still a lot of content here that will satisfy a wide variety of fetish tastes. Much of the content is not bondage but still there is enough for the bondage lover. The video that impressed me the most and my friend Mistress Vanisha when I showed it to her is one of those that is now longer there, but Mistress Vanisha is. Check her out.

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