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In Focus Girls is a site that features truly beautiful 18 to 22 year old girls in very high quality pics and videos. In fact this site is one of the few at this time that feature HD (High Definition) videos, which are much bigger and better quality than most videos on the web. The tour features a sample video that blew me away - because of the quality of the models, the lighting and the video quality itself! This is one site that made me want to see more - much more - of what it had to offer almost as soon as I saw what the tour had to offer.

Unlike a lot of sites out there, the member area of In Focus Girls is as thoughtfully and attractively designed as the tour. The navigation bar at the top of the page offers WHAT'S NEW for those who want to see all the recent updates. There are links to the pics, the videos, you can browse by model or by type of action or girl. And last on the nav bar is a link to the coming attractions.

The main member page itself offers a welcome to the site, a thumb of the next update scheduled to be added, and on the far right a few advertising banners to other good quality sites. Under these things you will find thumbed and dated links to 8 most recent updates - and guess what. In Focus Girls updates every single day with a full pic set or video. I went to the update page and there was an update every single day for the last month so guys who always want something new will definitely find this site worth checking out.

In Focus Girls is definitely a glamour site, showing plenty of really beautiful babes as they show off, masturbate and use sex toys. Something that's a little different about In Focus Girls from other single girl sites is that this site also includes 42 video and pic sets showing these stunning babes as they relieve themselves, peeing in a variety of settings. There are also plenty of fisting and speculum sets. Guys into this harder material will be delighted to find it in such high quality and of such sexy hotties.

The In Focus Girls movies are shown in your choice of 4 formats - WMV, Flash, QuickTime and MPG. For overall size and quality my favorites were the WMVs but the QuickTime are nice and the Flash videos have the best color saturation. All videos except for Flash can be streamed or downloaded and for those who prefer clips to full movies, the MPGs are presented in clips. There are currently 165 videos inside In Focus Girls. Some - mostly the peeing videos are pretty short. I saw videos from just over a minute to around 25 minutes, but most videos were in the 12 - 15 minute range.

Not all the videos inside In Focus Girls are shot in HD but every one is shown as large and as high quality as they could be. The oldest movies are shown at 640x480 and stream at an impressive 1600k. They look really good at that size - the video images are sharp and clear and the action is smooth.

The newer videos are HD and these movies are huge and the quality is excellent. The largest size of videos available are the WMVs which can be viewed at 1280x720, streaming at around 4000k (!!!). WMVs are also available at 852x480, which stream at 2000k. These HD videos are shown in QuickTime at 960x540, Flash at 720x405 or 448x256 and the MPG clips are shown at 448x256. Basically what this means is if you are on a high speed connection and on a PC, go for the large WMVs. If you're on a slower broadband connection, I recommend the smaller Flash videos. I wouldn't recommend this site for dialup users.

In Focus Girls gallery pages have some choices for members. On the upper right you can rate each gallery. A little lower on the left you can choose the size you want your thumbs. You can also choose how many thumbs you'd like to see per gallery, download all the pics in a zip file and read about the shoot. But wait - there's more! Pics are available in your choice of 3 sizes found on the upper left corner of the first pic you click. You can also choose to see the gallery as a slideshow and can chose the background color for the pics.

If you decide to check out the biggest size of pics, you are talking about truly huge pics - these puppies are 1333x2000 pixels! That means a closeup of a model's face and tits is actually life sized and a pic of just her pussy is bigger than life. And let's talk about quality - because these pics are very good quality.

There may be only one thing I don't like about In Focus Girls, and it's the picture and video navigation. There are 20 sets listed on each page and you can then go to the next page or the previous page. But for those of us who would like to skip pages, this sort of sucks. I wanted to see the oldest pic and video sets, so I had to click over and over and over to get there. I'd love to see In Focus Girls add links to each page within each section.

In Focus Girls joins a small handful of sites that I consider the best on the web. The girls are true babes who are alluring and arousing, the videos and pics are very high quality and the videos are available in 4 formats. There are over 160 pic sets and 160 videos and the site is updated every single day. If seeing some of the most beautiful girls in the world doing some of the nastiest things excites you, I recommend you waste no time in checking In Focus Girls out!

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