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Reviewed on 2007-03-20 by J.R.




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We're taking a look today at "I Love It Black". This is a site whose premise is fairly straightforward: black guys doing hardcore with all types of women. You could call it interracial, but some of the girls are also black, not sure if that counts but let's not quibble about semantics.

Navigating the site is easy and direct once you get past the network page that precedes our site. On the site there's a simple navigation bar just below the header which is repeated at the bottom of the page, 2 of the navbar elements are pages with ads - the "store" (obviously an ad) and the "friends" links page which has some non-misleading ads on it. At the very top of the pages is a flash navbar for the network. The layout of the site is simple but bland.

The models are a variety of porn-lookin' girls ranging in the trim-to-average body type and looks from average to cute. The ethnicities are a mix of white, Asian, black, and Latina. The setting is basically down-to-business smut, one or two black guys up in an apartment for ye olde sex romps. The action is generally on the nastier side of hardcore, anal, aggressive oral, and cumshots are common.

The site sports 39 self-hosted video episodes. There are no update dates listed on the site, though the network area has a place for update dates. I checked back over a month and didn't find any updates, the most recent one I could find was from 3 months ago, no way to tell if they'll ever update again.

Videos are offered in 2 formats, WMV and MPEG, across several sizes. The largest WMVs are 480x360 and run at 732 kbps bitrate; the largest MPEGs are 321x240. Medium size WMV is 240x180 at around 120 kbps; small WMVs are the same size but around 50 kbps. Small MPEGs are 219x160. The largest WMVs played smoothly as did both MPEG sizes. The medium WMVs weren't quite as smooth but generally acceptable, but the smallest were downright choppy at times.

Video quality is decent, clear and well-lit. Sound is generally good as well. The medium shots vs closeup shots is I'd say 70/30 or so, and the camera stays on the subjects and action pretty well. The videos run about 20 to 30 minutes a piece, cut up into 5 minute clips.

Each episode has a picture gallery, each gallery has between 70 and 100 pictures, so that's 39 galleries around 3,300 or so images. These are just vidcaps, not even good ones at that, 720x480 and just about 40 kb so they're not that great quality, and some are even interlaced. Each gallery is just 1 page of 60+ thumbs, each thumb opens in a new window, and at the top is a link to download all the photos in a single zip file. I can't get those zip files to open, but I'm told other unzip programs can - not that I can see why you'd want a bunch of vidcaps anyway.

Bonus content starts with access to 41 other sites on the network in various niches, a couple of which are also interracial. All the content on the network is indexed and searchable by both niche category and model name. Under "Browse Extras", there's also access to another 50 third-party sites of all sorts of niches.

One negative that I can't get away from is the lack of updates, especially when the tour suggests there are daily updates (there are daily updates on the network, but our site hasn't seen one of them in months), that's a big deal. I also found that the video server started to lag after a little while using it, stopped answering altogether - I had this happen the last time I reviewed one of the sites on this network a month ago. There's also the pictures being only vidcaps, not even particularly good ones, and they're all on 1 page, that's pretty lame. And the site is pretty lacking in character, it's not a huge deal but it does matter to some folks.

The models are a variety of types, mostly porn gals who are pretty hot, getting it on with 1 or 2 black guys. The 39 videos offer around 20 hours of movies in both WMV and MPEG formats, the largest WMVs are decent average size and have good audio. The pictures aren't worth mention, but there is access to lots of other bonus sites including a few in this interracial niche. The lack of updates and video server problems are drawbacks. If you want interracial video, I could recommend checking out I Love It Black for a month, but since it doesn't regularly update, no more than that.

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