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I Am Eighteen

Reviewed on 12/07/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 4
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.5

Main: Teen

3 Day Trial: $4.99 (recurs at $39.95)
1 Month: $24.95

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First Impression:
Teen is the biggest niche on the adult side of the internet and as such it is highly competitive. I Am Eighteen stakes out its territory by offering the youngest teens legally possible. And in an effort to counteract the obvious limited credibility of adult sites the tour emphasizes the photo identification that each of the models holds up to prove not only that they are real teens but that they were 18 at the time of the shoot. Certainly these girls do not look like the mid twenties or even thirty year old models that webmasters sometimes try to pass as teens. In fact Alexis Love, the first model featured in the tour looks uncomfortable young and I am reassured by her photo ID proving that she is indeed eighteen. I am not enthralled by the copy they use to describe her "She wanted us to teach her how to be a whore. Watch us break her tiny body with some hard, pussy-splitting fucking!" I hate that sort of disrespectful shit. Does that really help sell the site? Unfortunately the answer is probably yes. The tour says that they have "New Girls Weekly!" Do the really mean that? I bet we will be lucky if they add a new girl every week. More importantly the site is claiming exclusive videos. From their photo IDs all the girls are American with the majority coming from California. I guess that is why the state is called Californication. I am not expecting a lot of this site for two reasons. They feature 15 girls in the tour and I think it likely that is the total content of the site. They also offer 112 reality sites with your membership which usually means a site like this is nothing more that a means of attracting us inside.

Well, as expected, there are a total of 14 models on the site and the last update was Oct 4, 2007. Today is December 7, 2007. So much for the claim of new girls weekly! Not only do we not get new girls we don’t even get one girl. What you do get is access to an incredible number of video scenes taken from an incredible number of DVDs. But they won’t be girls guaranteed to be 18. They could be MILFs, they could be guys, and they could be girls with dicks. They could even be teens. But they certainly won’t be the exclusive type of girl that was promoted on the tour that brought you into this site.

I Am Eighteen; the featured site is drawn from 3 DVDs, I Am Eighteen, 1-3. There are several viewing options. If you want to stream the video on a small screen it loads its flash file rapidly and you can very quickly move around in the video to see if it is one you want to view. There are 3 download options; iPod, WMV (1024 kbps) and AVI (2048 kbps). The AVI video quality is very good. Download speed hovers around 400 kb/s today.

Alexis Love is the first video I look at. I really like her look, lovely long dark hair, dark brown eyes, a pretty face and really cute personality that comes across in the interview that starts the video. She is so open about her reasons for getting into porn and the way in which her family members discovered what she is doing. It appears that some supposed friend of hers from elementary school posted reference to her sex videos on face book. The guy interviewing her is a jerk but it is pretty clear that the video was shot specifically for a site called, so the claim of exclusivity is valid. She comes across as such a kid. She talks about her first scene ever. She didn’t like it. The guy was older and fat and an adjective I didn’t quite get. The interviewer keeps pressing and we discover that the guy in the first scene was Ed Powers. So Ed, if you are reading this, how does it feel to know that the 18 year old chicks you are fucking think you are disgusting?

Of all the videos I quickly skip through Alexis is my favorite. She is so natural, a real innocent with a lovely young body.

I Am Eighteen is disappointing in the limited amount of content it contains. There are only 14 scenes and it appears that the site is going to be updated irregularly. The girls however are 18, young and beautiful in the way that only the young can be. If you join you will have to satisfy yourself with whatever other teen content you can find in their bonus material.

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