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Huge Dicks Little Chicks

Reviewed on 09/19/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 6
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 5.7

Main: Big cocks

3 Day Trial: $4.87
1 Month: $39.73

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Huge Dicks Little Chicks is all about petite babes getting slammed by huge cocks. In fact, they promise us tiny sluts fucking and sucking 11+ inch cocks. For those of us who like to watch as tight pussies receive a punishing pounding from rock-hard meat missiles, this sounds like a site worth seeing. So join me as I log in and check out Huge Dicks Little Chicks.

The member area of Huge Dicks Little Chicks is pretty simple and easy to use. Just click any of the updates listed on the center of the page to see the exclusive big cock videos. There is a menu on the left, bonus content on the right. Neither of those will take you to the Huge Dicks Little Chicks pics and videos, so let's click one of the updates and get over there!

There are 20 exclusive big dick sex movies, each listed with a set of pics. There's a preview thumb of each girl, and these are definitely NOT the kind of girls you want to bring home to mother. These are some cock-starved sluts who can't wait to get a big dick deep inside those hungry pussies.

The videos are shown a little on the small side at 320x240. The quality is amateur and these videos definitely don't look great if enlarged to full screen but look pretty good at their original size. The sound is good, too. Each video is shown in clips and you can stream or download each one, but unfortunately there are no full videos.

The pics are shown at 600x800 and while the photography is amateur, the pic quality is a sort of mixed up situation. The webmasters are offering these pics at the highest quality they can. We're talking 300k per pic, which is very high rez at the size the pics are shown. On the other hand a lot of the pics aren't that sharp, which is pretty weird considering the pics are shrunk to 600x800 pixels each. Perhaps the photographer has shaky hands sometimes - who knows? Anyway, the pics definitely show you all the stuff, but sometimes the stuff is a little on the blurry side.

Something I definitely began to find annoying is that there are only 9 thumbs on each gallery page, so in order to get through a set of pics, you just keep clicking and clicking and clicking. I think 20 or 25 thumbs per page would have made my photo browing a much more enjoyable experience. The pics are not offered in a zip file or as a slideshow, so all you can do is just keep clicking if you want to see them all.

While the guys in the movies aren't pencil dicks, I definitely didn't see many of the 11+ inch dicks we were promised on the tour except the black dudes. On the other hand, the videographer is really good. He catches stuff most video guys miss. When a guy is eating a chick's pussy, you can see that pussy and tongue. And when those big dicks slam those tight and tiny holes, you can see the penetration and how tight that cooze is.

Full members of Huge Dicks Little Chicks also get access to an impressive collection of third party porn feeds, bonus sites and a generous sample of advertising. The menu on the main page leads to all sorts of content from amateur to big tit to anal. On the other hand, to get to the bonus content on the right side of the main member page, one is often taken to a pass-through page with a link to the feed plus a link to a sponsor. So if you click to a feed and end up at something you have to pay for or join, just hit back and try the other link.

If you like street pickup reality videos, you will probably find the Huge Dicks Little Chicks movies well worth a look. And while the white guys could be considered hung, some of the black guys fucking these petite honeys definitely have some HUGE dicks. While there are only 20 movies, they are pretty good stuff. And full members get access to all sorts of feeds and bonus sites, so they are kept busy. If you want to know more, why not pay a visit to Huge Dicks Little Chicks!

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