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Huge Boobs Galore

Reviewed on 10/26/2006 by J.R.

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.9

Main: Big tits

3 Day Trial: $4.95
7 Day Trial: $9.95
1 Month: $39.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
This review takes a look at Huge Boobs Galore. The name of the site speaks volumes in this case. It's a big breast site, not the gigantic head-crushing super-tits but double-D's to triple-F's - sort of "everyday" big tits, not dwarf-crushing freaky gigantic. The site's video and picture content has the big-titted girls washing a car, showering, interviewing, a little soloing, and then going into hardcore. There's a lot to see here so let's take a look inside Huge Boobs Galore.

The main page tries to balance content, access to their other sites, and tiny bit of selling you stuff, and it ends up feeling initially busy. Navigating this site from the member's page is at first confusing. You scroll down a little and there's a lot of stuff vying for your attention, the most obvious links you think will get you to the site's content - those in the navbar - lead you to places that don't entirely make sense. The "Content Categories" links for "Videos" and "Pictures" lead you to pages showing you thumbnails of various sites, the first one being "Huge Boobs Galore Gallery" and that one does link to this site's actual content, but it looks just like all the bonus content beneath it so you don't trust the link at first; the other links on the "Videos" and "Pictures" pages take you to other sites in the network.

Granted, there are plenty of links to the site's content from the main page, they're just not as obvious: the current episode's link, the text link under the current episode that says "click here to view all Huge Boobs Galore models", and the site's name in the busy updates box in the middle of the page, those take you to the site's main content as well but they're not the most obvious choices. Also it's a little surprising to click a link for content that opens in a new window.

Once you get to the site's main gallery page, navigation is a snap with links to pictures and videos with each update's thumbnail, and big links to the other pages of updates, but no links back to the main page where you'll find the bonus content. Getting around in the pictures or videos pages is nearly as easy, there's no way to get to the pictures from the profile page and the "download full-length movie" takes you to an off-site pay-per-view website, but otherwise it's straightforward and effective navigating.

The site doesn't claim to be "all-natural" so it's a mix of natural big tits and implants. The models range throughout the moderately-attractive category - blondes and brunettes; some Black and Latin but most white; some with a somewhat fresh look while others a porn look. The setting is "around the house", the sets start with the girls washing a car in the garage and move on to the shower, an interview and then into bedroom, though the videos put the interviews first. The tour portrays the site pretty well, featuring previews of most of the episodes with info, but the number of videos is misleading and the sample videos seem to be of higher quality than the actual videos on the site which is downright bullshit. The episodes do stay focused on their main goal - big breasts leading to hardcore - but once in hardcore do get a little more caught up in that than the tits. Each episode has a brief profile page for the model.

There are 36 videos - 1 per episode - cut up into clips that vary in amount depending on download speed. The updates come once a week, and they're dated so there's no question of that. The videos are in WMV and QuickTime MOV - the QuickTime’s aren't as good quality as the WMVs. The clips are all 320x240, the pages say the WMVs come in 640x480 as well but those are the same 320 clips enlarged on the page, essentially just zooming to 200% view (that means half the visual quality) - the broadband clips look ok stretched to the larger size, but the smaller ones crap out. The clips are further broken down by connection speed - 56k, DSL, and Broadband - which varies the length of the clips (for example, 56k has more clips because each one is only 2 minutes for faster download versus Broadband's 5 minute clips) and the file quality, for the WMVs it's 42kbps bitrate for 56k, 150kbps for DSL, and up to 582kbps for Broadband. At their best speed, most of the videos look decent while a few are blocky, the image quality at DSL speed suffers at 640x480 but looks ok at 320x240. It's no surprise that 56k videos look pretty bad but they also are choppy to boot. The videos take an extra beat to load in but stream smoothly once it starts. The videos altogether go from 25 minutes up to 45 minutes, and that's pretty good.

Each episode has from 100 to over 200 pictures, real photos rather than just vidcaps. The pictures are very clear, well-composed, a very good variety from picture to picture, and pretty big to boot at 800x533 (or vice-versa if it's a tall photo) - to be honest, I wish the videos worked out as well as these photos. The photos also look pretty good for their file size, around 45 to 130k. If there was any downside to the photo section, it'd be that there's no zip file to download all the pics at once nor a slideshow feature.

There's lots of bonus content here, with access to 24 weekly-updated sites on the site's network; access to 117 other video sites and 60 other picture sites in plugin feeds; a "reading room" with free access to advice on girls, a few flash porn-oriented games, lots of sexy comic strips, some hentai and animated porn, even a stories site (you know, the "reading" part of "reading room"); and a section where you can pick up clips for your iPod from some of the sites on the network - the iPod videos look better than the actual movies on the site which is kinda lame for the full-sized vids, and why isn't our site, Huge Boobs Galore, among the clips available?

While I can recommend Huge Boobs Galore based on weekly updates, good photos, long videos, and a ton of bonus content, I'd give a more enthusiastic recommendation if the videos were bigger and a little better quality. I think there should also be more episodes for the price. There's also no up-front price on the initial join page, you have to create a username and password AND choose your access option without knowing their prices in advance. Still, if you're looking for long-playing big tit movies or want access to a mega site, Huge Boobs Galore is definitely worth a look!

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