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Housewife Bangers

Reviewed on 05/29/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.3

Main: Wives
Additional: Reality

3 Day Trial: $4.95
7 Day Trial: $9.95
1 Month: $39.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Housewife Bangers features wives who get fucked while their husbands watch. Some of the men not only fantasize about watching their wives get fucked - they help find the guys who fuck them. The tour shows a little taste of every housewife who gets banged inside the site, and some are real hotties where others are normal amateur girls. Want to know more? Join me as I log into the member area of Housewife Bangers.

The main member page of Housewife Bangers has navigation on the left side of the page, and at the top right is the latest housewife update plus links to all the wife videos. Below the update you will find links to 24 bonus reality sites, which is a fuck lot of porn. At the bottom right of the page are links to the most recently updated site features.

Most of the content listed on the menu on the left side of the main member page are feeds, things for sale and a very useful support section. The video section is 6 pages long and includes a whole lot of video feeds plus the bonus sites listed on the main page. For the most part the pics section contains the same stuff as is listed in the video section, and while they DO have pics, don't expect a lot of stuff you didn't already see if you visited videos.

So let's get to the real reason we're here - the housewife videos! If housewife fantasies turn you on or you love cuckold movies, I think the Housewife Banners movies are going to turn you on. The set ups are interesting, the husbands are horny - and man, do these wives love to get fucked! Every one gets to suck the cock of a stranger as her hubby looks on.

There are a total of 49 Housewife Bangers videos at this time, and each comes with pics. Each update has the date it was added to the site, and you can see clearly that Housewife Bangers is not updated regularly. There are 2 formats of video clips offered - Windows Media and QuickTime. Each format is available in 3 speeds - 56k, DSL and Broadband - and the Windows Media clips can be watched in your choice of 2 sizes.

I decided to watch the lastest update first as this wife, Carrie, is a real hottie. Since bigger is often better, I opted for the best and biggest video option - broadband WMV shown at 640x480. The first thing I noticed is that the video, streaming at 542k, is being stretched to fit the player - the video is actually the same video that is being shown when you watch the 320x240 movie.

Unless you're on dialup or ISDN, I wouldn't bother watching the DSL quality videos as they stream at only 139k. 139k is probably a good speed for ISDN and dialup users as the quality is better than the 56k clips, which stream at 38k. The QuickTime videos are pretty much the same quality and appearance as the Windows Media videos, so if you don't have Media Player they are a good option.

Something I think is worth mentioning is that the 520k - 542k streaming speeds of the best quality videos in the member area is not as high quality as the trailers on the tour, which vary from 700k to a very high quality 1381k. What this means is that the trailers are actually better quality than the highest quality member videos.

While this doesn't mean the moves in the member area are bad quality, they are amateur quality. The video isn't sharp and you will sometimes see blurring when the camera does a sudden closeup or moves from person to person. The video quality is quite watchable, however, and you can see all the action without a problem.

Two things that are missing here - the videos are not downloadable and you cannot watch the full videos. Housewife Bangers offers their movies in clips only - if you select the Download Full-length Movie link, you will be taken to a pay per view option.

Now let's talk about the pics that come with each housewife video. Some pic sets are digital stills shown at around 800x600. The quality of most of these is nice and crisp and shows lots of detail. The photography is good amateur, which adds to the gritty reality feeling of the site.

Some of the pic sets are not digital stills but are vidcaps. These are shown at a screen size of 720x480, which is probably the full size the videos are originally shot at. Since the vidcaps are taken directly from the video, these are lower quality than the digital stills, but they do show all the action from the movies.

What makes Housewife Bangers special isn't just the horny wife videos - it's the 24 bonus reality sites. Members get access to an almost mind-blowing amount of porn videos shot for those reality sites, and then there are all those feeds as well. If you're looking for a HUGE collection of porn - enough to keep you busy for weeks non-stop - Housewife Bangers has what you're looking for.

For guys who love watching wife fucking, Housewife Bangers delivers 49 wives who get banged while their husbands watch. The videos are amateur to good amateur quality and fast to load, and every episode comes with pics. Add to this the 24 bonus sites and feeds and I think Housewife Bangers has a lot to offer. If you're looking for high quality videos and high rez pics, this may not be the site for you but want access to masses of porn and love watching housewives get down, I think you'll find Housewife Bangers worth checking out.

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