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Hood Hunter

Reviewed on 06/26/2006 by Eddie

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.7

Main: Black

3 Day Trial: $2.95
1 Month: $24.88

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Ok here we go... the mighty Hood Hunter. The first look at this site has us being shown a very simple and easy to read vertical scrolling style of site where everything is super easy to find, just move the cursor on down to find it. Top of the page shows us some of the icons of the rough inner-city lifestyle such as a 9mm and a real thug posing in front of a chain link fence along with some Polaroids of "serious xxx shit" as the man says. Good so far, tell me more!

As far as original content goes this site has to offer 55 exclusive content videos in WMV format served up in two styles: stream or download with a "lo" and "hi" version each. In other words stream "hi/lo", or download "hi/lo". Kind of like shifting a 4-wheel drive truck and going off-roading. Quality breaks down like this: The newer video clips stream at about 1064k and fill the 400 x 370 pixel embedded player. The older videos stream at about 464K and are stretched out to fit the same player. The videos look pretty good at the "Hi" setting but small and crappy in the "Lo" setting and kinda look weird stretched out to fit the same size movie player as the higher quality videos use.

Picture-wise we're looking at a mix of sizes and properties that range from sharp and clear down to around vidcap level shown in the earlier sets. The pictures that accompany the video clips are good and on par for a site of this kind.

While checking out the videos and pics I noticed that they seemed to load fine but going from page to page was super slow. Hopefully Hood Hunter will get this shit taken care of!

This site has a lot of things to see and do and will keep you busy for hours, such as (get this) a link up near the top that says "downloadable mpegs". Click here to unleash a flood of kickass ebony porn! Pages of hot black girls (and some white too) sucking long black cocks and getting the wind fucked outta them. Awesome! As a bonus feature porn of all kinds is listed at the left of this page for you to enjoy. Extra stuff in the middle of the main members page includes many more videos of interracial and black on black hardcore sex. But wait there's more... you get tons of adult e-zines, plus bonus sites like Rap Video Auditions, She Likes It Big, etc. Tons of shit!

If you're looking for more hardcore black porn, then check out the XXX Video Plugins in the main menu of the member's page. There are 19 all-ebony bonus sites and feeds, that's a lot of fuckin' porn so this way there's more content if you can't get enough of that black pussy. The Extra Bonus Sites link goes to mostly white porn just in case you need to take a break from all of those hot black bitches in the other plug-ins. Keep in mind that some of the stuff in the menu - Find A Sex Partner, Recommended Sites, and Free Live Chat, requires you to sign up and pay to access some of the features.

In the final analysis Hood Hunter has some cool shit and for the most part makes it easy to find. There are some hidden little nuggets like that crazy page full of all varieties of porn mpeg's and a couple known pornstars in the exclusive content area of the site. They are probably more genuine stars hidden throughout the various links to outside bonus content but that would take a lot of time to find because there is just so much!

Hood Hunter has a fair amount of original content but goes way overboard with the extra bonus stuff and loses focus. We're talkin' about having a 75/25 mix of shit they shot themselves versus stuff they paid to stuff the site with! Say for example that you are only into black chicks - cool, right? So you get through the exclusive vids and pics and some of the other black content and browse for more, only to find links to everything else under the sun even gay porn! Like interracial, lesbian, mature etc... The tour makes it seem like there is 100% black content but members area tells the real truth. If this is ok with you then Hood Hunter isn't a bad site to throw down money for, kinda like a portal site or a giant supermarket of porn delicacies waiting to be sampled.

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