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I am excited to be reviewing Hogtied. I first saw it some 6 or 7 years ago when I was just getting into the adult business. I have always had an interest in the look of bondage but was too lazy to learn the discipline and really it is a discipline and an art. Maybe it’s because I failed to get my knot-tying badge in cub scouts. Nevertheless I am greatly attracted to the look of bondage and some of my first shoots featured it, though no real bondage amateur would have found my loosely tied bindings acceptable. I also like the idea of a helpless woman, vulnerable and available to any whim or desire of her captor. Hogtied was the first site to openly display the connection between bondage and explicit sexual eroticism. The site started modestly with Peter displaying both his talent and love of elaborate bindings and restraining structures in his apartment. A combination of talent, hard work, responsiveness to his members and progressively sexually-daring scenarios and as well as a good business sense has seen Hogtied grow from one site with initially Peter doing all the tying to an empire, Kink.com, with 10 sites including Men in Pain, Sex and Submission, Fucking Machines and Water Bondage. These are not bonus sites but separate pay sites to which you must pay for admission. And Peter has moved from modest rental quarters to a huge decommissioned Armory in San Francisco. This lovely old stone building, with its wonderful dungeon-like aspect, is the perfect headquarters for his BDSM Empire.

Where to start? The first thing to be said is that this site is huge. There are 35 pages of content with 14 videos per page. And the newer videos are long, 45-60 minutes. As of today, Apr 1, there are: Total Shoots: 432, Total Pictures: 84,772, Total Video Clips: 6,835, Total Viewing Minutes: 13,358. The site is consistently and reliably updated every week. You can track the progression of the site and its evolution to the more sexually explicit depictions of bondage and domination that we see today. From the beginning members have had the opportunity to comment on each shoot and the site’s evolution is a response to its user’s request for depictions of their fantasies and the positive and negative reactions of the viewers to the various scenarios presented.

The site’s lengthy archival record also reflects the explosive growth of internet technology and broadband usage in the past 7 years. Early videos on the site were only available as small one minute Real files of less than 1 MB. Today we have the choice of WMV and Real videos. Both are available as downloads and the WMV streams immediately if you wish. The videos are divided in 7 or 8 segments and all can be downloaded as zipped files. Each shoot is accompanied by photos shot at the same time as the video. The images are large and are a nice addition to the videos. There is no slide show function which is the only thing that keeps this site from receiving a perfect score.

I am astonished by the imagination and work that goes into to keeping the site as fresh as it is after so many years of operation. Viewers have the opportunity to comment on each shoot and they do enthusiastically. Their feedback is listened to. This is a site that lovers of bondage with enjoy immensely. The ties are beautifully and artfully executed. The settings are varied and enhance the shoots, whether they are inside a barn, a basement, a dungeon or outside a mansion or in the desert or by the ocean, to name a few. The models are young and beautiful. The torments are exquisite as they hover between pain and pleasure, forced to endure the most intense orgasms of their lives. As so many of them report in the after the action sit down that is incorporated in each shoot. There is also an interview in all the more explicit shoots with the model at the beginning. This is both educational and a declaration that she did nothing against her will and in fact ecstatically enjoyed it and wants to come back. As many do.

Some may think the life of a porn reviewer to be all fun but there is more bad porn out there than there is good and we have to look at it all. But every so often we get to review a jewel of a site; a site that sets the standard for its niche and begins to define the niche. Such a site is Hogtied. It has been built the old fashioned way, with intelligence, hard work and attention to its customers. If you like BDSM this site is a must for you. I like everything about this site and my only regret is that they do not have a slide show option for their great photos.

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