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The theme of Her First Big Cock is simple. Big dicked dudes travel the street along with their faithful cameraman, trying to find girls who have never tried a really big cock before. They find these girls all over the place - the street, the mall, you name it. They get 'em to come to the studio where they fill their mouths and pussies full of giant cocks. I love reality sites like this one, so let's head off to the member area to take a closer look at Her First Big Cock.

The member area is full of stuff. The latest update is listed on the right side of the page; the menu is on the left. Below the update on the right are links to 24 bonus reality sites from the same network - and yes, members do get access to all 24. And below the bonus sites are all the recent updates for the site, the feeds and the bonus sites.

The member menu is broken into 3 categories - Content Categories, Adult Marketplace and Customer Service. You'll find the content categories are Videos, Pictures and Reading Room. These are the sections where you'll find most of the action including links to the Her First Big Cock content - you'll find links in both the Videos and the Pictures sections - as well as all the bonus sites again and a ton of feeds of all kinds of porn. But first let's check out the main content - the big cock sex vids and pics.

There are currently 114 Her First Big Cock videos, each with photos as well. Something I like about Her First Big Cock is that the site is updated 4 times a month every month - with 5 updates on a few months. I like a site you can rely on to update - it gives you something to look forward to.

The videos inside Her First Big Cock have a big change in the middle - a change of stars and possibly of producers. All the videos are reality videos, but the newer videos have rowdier guys looking for the girls to fuck where the older videos are dirty have less cross chatter and aren't as out of control. The girls are cuter in the new videos, however, although maybe with less of an amateur flavor.

The videos are available only as clips and are available to watch as WMV or QuickTime. Both are available in 56k, DSL and Broadband speeds, and the WMVs can be watched in 320x240 or 640x480 where the QuickTime are only shown in 320x240. The Broadband vids stream at around 540k, the DSL at around 150k and the 56k at 38 - 42k. The DSL speed is badly named as it is slower than any DSL I've ever seen - it's more suitable for ISDN users or patient dialup users who want better quality.

Something I noticed pretty quickly is that the DSL and 56k videos don't play as smoothly as the Broadband speed. Unless you're on dialup or ISDN, I strongly recommend that you watch the Broadband clips as they are, without doubt, the best quality and smoothest playing. The Broadband videos are good amateur quality, not as sharp as professional videos but still fairly good quality. You will have no problems making out all the action.

The girls inside Her First Big Cock are hot and slutty and the cocks are big, as promised. A lot of the girls are pretty surprised when these monster dicks are first unveiled, but some are pretty eager to get their mouths stuffed with those big cocks. In the end, every honey on this site gets her tight pussy stretched to the max by huge slabs of man meat.

For the pics lovers out there, you'll be happy to know that every video comes with pics - fairly good quality pics instead of blurry vidcaps. The pics here are digital stills that are pretty clear and sharp, shown at around 600x800. The photos capture all the action, complete with closeups of extreme penetration plus some wet and messy cumshots. While the photography itself is on the amateur side, with small lighting and framing issues, overall I'd say the pics do their job and show us everything a porn fan would like to see.

If you love reality sex sites, the bonus sites are quite a bonus indeed. Her First Big Cock members get access to 24 more reality sites including the famous Bang Boat, Milf Seeker and Porn Stud Search as well as all your favorite categories. Teen, interracial, wife fucking - it's all there and there's plenty of it plus with this many sites you're pretty much guaranteed daily updates.

Her First Big Cock has a lot going for it. With over 100 videos plus 24 bonus sites, members get access to a heck of a lot of reality porn. Although full videos are not available, the clips are nice and long so it wasn't an issue for me. The main member page does have a lot of upsells but there are also links to plenty of feeds. But the best part really is the Her First Big Cock videos. The girls are nasty, the videos load fast, and seeing these honeys choke down those enormous dicks is hot. If you love seeing girls get stretched and pounded by enormous cocks, I definitely suggest you check out Her First Big Cock.

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