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Heels and Hoes

Reviewed on 10/01/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.0

Main: Foot fetish

3 Day Trial: $4.95
1 Month: $29.98

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First Impression:
There's nothing sexier than a seductive babe with hot legs wearing a pair of high heels. That's why the folks from All Reality Pass have created a site that shows off some of the most stunning models and pornstars around, each one wearing a pair of her nastiest heels. There are 70 thumbs of some truly bodacious babes on the tour, so hopefully that means there are at least 70 videos in the member area. Let's find out!

The main member page of Heels and Hoes has a navigation bar running across the top of the page followed by links to the network's latest updates. Below that is the latest chick added to Heels and Hoes including a description of the scene, a big preview thumb plus links to her photos and videos. Keep scrolling down the page to see first the exclusive videos and below them the bonus videos. All the movies are dated, which is a plus, and we can see that there was an update today in the bonus videos. Beneath the bonus videos links to the rest of the sites in the network.

There are some definitely hot babes in this site and some, like Monica Mayhem and Anna Novak, are names you probably already know. That's the good news. The not so good news - at least some of these videos are not exactly exclusive. What I mean by this is although the videos were shot for the All Reality Pass sites, they were not shot for Heels and Hoes. Some of the videos announce which site they are shot for, so it's pretty easy to figure this out. Also these are not really high heels videos and pics so much as hot chicks who happen to be wearing high heels getting banged. In fact, in some of the videos you don't see that much of the models' legs or shoes but you do see them swallowing some great big dicks.

There are currently 38 exclusive movies shown in WMV format and your choice of 3 speeds - high, med and low. The movies are available in full videos or clips, and if you're going for the high quality videos be sure and watch the full movies. I'm going to tell you why. For some reason, the high quality clips are shown at only 320x240 while the full videos are shown at 480x360. Since the clips and movies are the same quality - around 490kbps - I figure bigger is better. The high quality videos are average quality for a porn site, not bad but not high quality, either. The med vids are shown at 320x240 and stream at 290kbps and the low vids are good for ISDN and patient dialup users as they stream around 129kbps. All the movies have good quality sound and are only available as streaming - there are no downloads available.

Each of the exclusive movies comes with a set of pics, and often with 2 sets - digital stills, which are pics shot with a camera, and photo gallery, which are vidcaps taken from the movie. The digital stills are good amateur quality and shown at a medium size. They do capture the action and also sometimes include some sexy centerfold shots of the models. The vidcaps are lower quality, but still pretty good considering, and since they are from the movie, they capture everything exactly as seen in the video. There are no slideshows or zip files available.

Beside the exclusive movies, Heels and Hoes comes with 22 bonus movies. Some of the bonus movies not only don't feature the girls in heels - a couple of the videos don't even show the models feet. These movies are offered in the same sizes and speeds as the exclusive movies but look just a little lower quality. There's plenty of interracial and hardcore porn here, and each video comes with a set of vidcaps.

Beside access to Heels and Hoes, members also get access to quite a collection of bonus sites. Whether you're looking for Latinas sucking cock, wife sex, squirting pussies or teens getting fucked by giant black cocks, there's something for almost every porn fan in the bonus sites. Most of these sites have exclusive content shot for the sites in the network and these are not plugins - they are original sites created by the same folks who brought you Heels and Hoes.

Heels and Hoes has some beautiful pornstars and hot babes in this site, and there's plenty of hardcore fucking and sucking. Unfortunately it's not really a high heels site, which makes sense since some of the videos were shot for other sites in the same network. The videos are quick to load and are average porn video quality, and every video comes with pics. There are 38 "exclusive" videos and 22 bonus videos, and the site is updated weekly. Full members also get access to a pretty nice collection of bonus sites with over 1000 total videos. If you're looking for a site that really features babes in heels, you might want to try another site but if you love hardcore porn where the girls are wearing high heels, why not check out Heels and Hoes?

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