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Heather Wild

Reviewed on 07/31/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 10
Navigation: 6
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 7.1

Main: Single model

3 Day Trial: $4.87 (recurs at $39.73)
1 Month: $39.73

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Today's review is of This is a single model site. The star of the site, Heather, is a blonde cutie who plays with herself and also does lesbian. The tour has 2 video samples on it, the first claims to be for 56k but it's actually a huge HD video that's nearly 30meg and would take someone on dialup several hours to download, and then their computer likely wouldn't be able to play it anyway because it wouldn't be advanced enough. The site claims to have weekly updates, exclusive HD video across multiple connection speeds, exclusive hi-res photos, a diary, and access to 20 bonus sites. Let's see how it stacks up.

This is the kind of members area I don't care for - there's lots of graphics but no personality (no text of any kind really), and there's a lot of little sections. Most of those aren't about the site's chief content, including the navigation bar on the left (no link to the home page either, the header goes there but you have to guess at that) - not one link here actually goes to HeatherWild content; it's all network content or ads. The only stuff that does go to our site content are ones specifically saying "Heather", they go to a single library page. A lot of the homepage sections are bonus content, but there's a lot of ads too for dating, sex toys, and several banner ads under the section "membership extras" - I guess they're referring to their wallets.

Heather is very cute, blonde, early '20s, and has a good body. She's actually "Gina" according to how she introduces herself in the vids. She doesn't talk much in the ones I saw, but it's clear she's European as her English seems confident but has an accent - my guess is Central Europe. By herself, she swishes a little and usually strips, then masturbates; in about a quarter of the episodes she gets the lesbian thing going with 1 or 2 other girls. The videos run about 12 to 30 minutes each.

There are 28 videos on this site. I don't know how often they update; the episodes aren't dated, but the updates page shows this site hasn't been updated in at least 13 days.

Videos are in WMV format. The largest size is an astonishing 1280x720 with 4128kbps bitrate. There are 2 smaller sizes, both of which have really high bitrates as well (1100 to 3000kbps for a 320x180) so there's no way dialup users will be able to stream these as the buffer time alone would be epic. With these vids, you can move the slider ahead and it will buffer right to that point rather than make you wait for the whole video to load first. Playback is smooth provided your equipment can handle video of this size, if not it will stutter badly, and I suspect a lot of surfers don't have equipment that can handle even for the medium size vids. But if you do, you're in luck.

Video quality is very nice - if you can see it without it being compressed by the page. It's a smooth image with good clarity and colors. It's a little dark but nothing detrimental. The camerawork seems restrained, it pays off though as it's not amateurishly hurky-jerky. The top size is already larger than my full screen mode, but the medium size can also go full screen flawlessly. The sound is decent, a little quiet but audible even at normal volume.

There are photo galleries for 20 of the episodes. Each gallery has around 120 to 220 pictures. The images are about 1067x1600 and 300 to 500k a piece. The images are very nice with a smooth, high-quality image, great clarity and color, and a lot of detail.

Bonus content includes access to 4,000 streaming full-length porn DVDs. There's also access to 20 other sites. Also, there's tons of photo sets across lots of niches in the "photo albums" page and finally, there's 10 porn video feeds on the main page under "members choice".

The first negative is no update dates. A big negative is the video pages which constrain the video size and waste quality video with shitty HTML presentation. You click a video and it pops up a new window, the video stays in this small section of the window that's clearly not the accurate size - it looks all compressed because it's also constrained to the wrong proportions - and if you click the "full screen" link it maximizes the window and stops the movie. You never get to see it accurately here, the only ways to do so are either to right-click the movie and zoom to full screen, or copy the movie location, open a separate Windows Media Player, and "open URL" with that location.

Another issue is the disrespect shown to members who pay a fair bit of coin only to get heavily advertised at. And I hate sites where it's a chore just to find the main content. Also, the tour tempting dialup users in is just wrong, this is a broadband site only, period. The site isn't what it claims, there's no diary or personality, but that's not a dealbreaker.

Summary: is an exercise in frustration. There's so much that doesn't work about this site, but if you know enough that you can mine out its video locations to see them properly, and they're very impressive HD quality. The model here is quite appealing, whatever her name may be. There's an ok number of videos and photo galleries, and both are very fine quality. And you do get a good number of bonuses, but you have to work to find them all. Ultimately, this is a mixed review. This is not a cheap site, there's not all that much content, but it does have HD, and if you like Heather (and most guys would), have broadband and decent computer, can deal with the numerous issues, then gets a recommend.

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