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Hardcore Sweethearts

Reviewed on 09/08/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 4
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 6
Price vs content: 3
Overall: 5.0

Main: Sex

3 Day Trial: $4.87 (recurs at $39.73)
1 Month: $39.73

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Up next for review is Hardcore Sweethearts. This is teen hardcore site. The site claims a lot of "first time" and "cherry popped" stuff, but the action is pretty standard porn fare really. The tour doesn't make any promises about the site itself, but does mention access to 4,000 bonus DVDs and 20 bonus sites.

I really dislike the main members page, it's a big mess with links going every which way - bonus content, ads, a navbar not related to the main content, all sorts of shit - it reminds one of a racecar's graphics. The main content is a second page in, it's disguised to look like episode links which is silly since those could have been actual episode links instead; this page is much easier to use, it's pretty basic really. The photo galleries appear in a pop-up with no link back to the site, they simply close when you click "home".

These models don't really do much for me, they look fairly close to the target age but not quite, and they're kinda attractive but a tiny bit skanky. Mostly the girls have decent bodies ranging trim to average, there's a 50/50 split blondes and brunettes. The action is your basic hardcore, no real setup, just a guy and a girl in an apartment setting gettin' it on. The videos run about 30-35 mins each.

There are 10 episodes on this site. No update dates listed anywhere, so no clue if they ever update at all.

The videos are in WMV format, which has become somewhat ubiquitous with internet porn of late - does that make Bill Gates the real king of porn? Anyway, videos are 400x300 with a bitrate of 866 kbps. The vids are in 3 clips. Playback is smooth. They can be zoomed to fullscreen without looking awful, there's of course some quality loss but it's acceptable.

Video quality is fairly decent with good image clarity and movement. Color is alright, a little flat perhaps. Lighting drifts a little due to automatic white-balance on the camera, so sometimes it gets a little dark. Audio quality is good and set to a decent level, though some episodes don't have much sound at first.

Each episode has a set of photos, so there are 10 of those photo galleries. Pics go from 400x600 to 800x1200, and weigh in around 80 to 200 kb. Each gallery has about 140 to 200 pics in it. The photos are decent quality, and run the entire episode.

Bonus content includes access to 20 other sites, most hardcore and a couple are teen hardcore. There's also access to their video-on-demand section which indeed seems to have over streaming video content from over 4,000 porn DVDs. And there's a lot of other bonus feeds of various qualities as well (a few don't work but the majority do).

Negatives starts with a lack of update dates, so probably a lack of updates altogether. Also, the trailer on the tour is noticeably bigger than the actual vids in the site. The main members area is such a frustrating mess, and has too many ads as well. Another negative is that you have to enter your username/password in Media Player to stream the vids, that just annoys me.

Hardcore Sweethearts doesn't have much content, what's there is fairly generic, and its members area has too much confusing stuff and ads. The videos look alright and the pictures are decent, but neither standout as great; there's a ton of bonus content though. Bottom line, there's not much site here and the price is too high for what you get, so I can't recommend Hardcore Sweethearts.

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