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Hardcore Gangstas

Reviewed on 12/05/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 6
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.0

Main: Interracial

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Hardcore Gangstas describes itself as "The ultimate pimpin reality porn site." What the hell is a pimpin reality porn site, you may well ask. Looking through the tour I would have to say it is just a way to package a black guys fucking chicks site. I am always curious in these so-called reality sites to see how much effort they put into creating content exclusively to reflect the reality theme of the site. Too often the tour is the closest you get to the reality. Once inside it just turns out to have been a gimmick to get you inside. That’s the impression I get from this tour. It looks like so many other black-guys-fucking-white-girls sites. Other than the one guy dressed in pimpy purplish wear in the banner heading the tour I don’t seem any pimpy-types in the images of the content representative of what we will find inside. Unless they are implying that all it takes to look like a pimp is to be black. Although I did see one white guy in the tour so that can’t be it. I get a kick out of reality sites and appreciate those who make an effort to present us with these fantasies. I am curious to see how "pimpin", Hardcore Gangstas actually is.

Inside I arrive at a page pretty much like all the pages in the BrainPass network. There is not much here. A "Pimpin Survey" asks the question, "What kinda shit do you like on this bitch ass site?" It seems for us wannabe gangstas, gangbangs are the preferred "shit". Below that is an ad for Maximum Pills to facilitate your sperm production and it is 100% guaranteed. There are a total of 20 Hardcore Gangstas videos. I click the first one entitled Kelly. It is divided into four parts and can be streamed or download in wmv or mpg formats. It is also available for download in its entirety. The mpg version of the Kelly video is defective. There was a screw up in the encoding process and the Webmaster has loaded it without looking at it. They probably even have a script that does that. Hopefully they will read this review and fix the problem. Had the mpg worked it would have played on a 320x240 pixels screen. The wmv version plays on a 640x480 pixels screen. Part one opens with a black dude waking up and wandering through a house. Outside is a bevy of pornstars playing in a pool. The girls’ sexual antics distract me so that it is several moments before I notice the watermark on the video says The video ends four parts later with the same dude showing up in his basketball jersey. I am not sure where the "pimpin" part comes in unless this is meant to depict how pimps live. The sexual interaction between the 10 girls is filmed in a disjointed manner that undermines its eroticism.

The next video starts off with a black guy on a phone sitting behind a desk in an office. Then three well known porn personalities arrive, Brett Rockman, Mr Marcus and Lyla Lei. I have never been a fan of Brett Rockman. He has a long dick but with its downward bend it never looks really erect. Brett’s been working out. These are three seasoned sex performers and they give us a great threesome performance. Lyla’s Asian ass and vagina are home to both these large dicks in rotating succession. She takes two loads of cum in her mouth as part to the big finale. The sex is great, everyone has fun, but I kept wondering where does the "pimpin" come in? The next video sheds some light. It opens with Mr Marcus being lead down a hall by the same dude I saw in the first video, the guy in the basketball Jersey. He must be the pimp. They greet. He opens a door and hollers "Hey" at two women. Mr Marcus goes in and we have 5-part video of their threesome. The mpg version of the movie has the same problem mentioned earlier.

I then watch a 10-minute video entitled “Gangsta Party” that has Mika Tan fucking a white guy at a party with a whole bunch of people watching. He cums on her face while Aveena Lee, another Asian girl licks it off. This is good stuff, particularly if you are into public sex. Again I don’t get the "pimpin" part unless it is the rap music or is this meant to be the kind of entertainment pimps put on at their parties? The videos are fun but seem to have nothing to do with a pimp or gangsta lifestyle and as so often is the case, this is just packaging. The content is something else.

Hardcore Gangsta offers hard core inter-racial content. There are only 20 videos. They are entertaining. The quality is good although the couple of times I tried to play the mpg versions they were dysfunctional. The Gangsta theme is contrived and is basically non-existent. There is lots of other black content available in the BrainPass network. There is really no "gangsta element here so you will not miss its absence in the other black sites of the network. It fails in its pretensions to be a reality site.

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