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Group Teen Casting

Reviewed on 08/06/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 1
Quality of content: 4
Navigation: 6
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 4.0

Main: Teen
Additional: Threesome

2 Day Trial: $2.95
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Here’s something that nobody has ever thought about doing before, advertise for teen to have sex with two guys for the first time. Oh wait, you say that has been done before. Oh, only about a million times? Perhaps this site will have a new take on it. Perhaps the girls will be more beautiful than anywhere else, perhaps the dialogue will be more intelligent and engaging, maybe the shoots will be more imaginative, maybe there will be tons of content. We can only hope that someone entering this highly saturated segment of the adult entertainment business will have something new to offer. One good thing the content on the site is exclusive. The promotional tour says that their teens can only be found on this site. "A cute butt, pretty face, nice blue eyes and perfect legs is (sic) what we look for. We have ads all over in different countries of the world picking up the best teens around that are willing to have sex with two guys for the first time. We give them double the load of cum and turn them into a star!"

Girls from all over the world, that sounds like a pretty big operation. In contrast, the tour is only one page and depicts three girls and their videos. There is only one trailer for a girl named Marina who is seen entering a building with a sign saying Group Teen Casting with the hours of the casting call. The trailer streams quickly and is good quality at 320x240 pixels. The full version is High Def Video and has a duration of 27 minutes and 51 seconds. The other movies presented in the promo tour have similar durations. There is no mention made of how much content there is and no mention of updates. This is generally not a very good sign. On the join page I discover that this is a part of a network with access to a number of other sites. They also say that they have a dedicated team of reviewers updating the member area daily with one additional scene per category. Hmmm, still doesn’t say how often Group Teen Casting is updated. Best just go in and have a look.

Well this home page is easily grasped in one quick glance. There are a total of 6 videos in the Group Teen Casting site and a notice that more models will be added soon. I hate these sites that pass themselves off as a pay-site and then once you are in they hope that you will be sufficiently entertained and diverted by all the bonus sites to not think about asking for your money back. And they really didn’t deceive us. They never said how much content they had and in fact there is twice the number of movies they have on the tour. Forget about clicking on the video and waiting for it to stream. The videos are mpeg files and they are large 200 plus MB and take a while to download at 225 kB/s. While waiting and waiting for the download to complete I check out the pictures to see which video I want to down load next. Pictures that look as though they are video captures accompany each of the videos, but if not, are no larger than video captures. As soon as the video arrives I conclude that the pictures where shot separately because they are better lit than the video. The site needs to do some further work on navigation too. When you left click on each movie link a new page opens up letting you download the move in segments or full movie, with the exception of Katya and Marina. When you left click them a movie player appears which his why I was initially left waiting stupidly for an mpeg movie to stream. Katya and Marina videos are not badly lit but the Dinara and Lida videos are dark and yellow-brownish in tone. Lida, Marina and Katya play at 320x240 pixels while Dinara plays at 640x480 pixels. Though the files are large they are not high definition. I rate their quality good. There is no English spoken so the movies unfold somewhat silently except for grunts and groans of pleasure. Although they may have ads in many countries around the world the only girls that responded seem to come form Russia. There is a certain sloppiness about the place as well. For example, in addition to the confused links to the videos, when you click on Lida’s pictures you get her pictures on a page labelled, "Image Gallery for Olya".

There is nothing to see here folks; move along. Group Teen Casting has only 6 videos with the promise of more models coming. The videos are 320x240 pixels but I did run across one, 640x480 pixels. The way they deal with the fact that the movies are made in Russia is to have no one speak; it looks and sounds very peculiar when three people are having sex. The dull yellow-brown cast to several of the movies I watch does not enhance their appeal. This is a portal into a network of sites. I didn’t look at the other stuff they have.

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