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Grandpas Fuck Teens

Reviewed on 05/27/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.0

Main: Teen

1 Day Trial: $1.95 (recurs at $29.95)
1 Month: $29.95 (recurs at $24.95)
3 Months: $59.95 (recurs at $54.95)

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First Impression:
This is the second site in a row that I have reviewed with a ridiculously long name, but I guess it is easy to remember and that is the important thing. Now I am not a grandpa myself but age-wise I suppose I could be, so this site has a personal appeal. In this day of the little blue pill more grandpas are able to keep it up even if it is only for the purposes of being able to jerk off to sites like this one. Why should a beautiful young porn body be only for the young to enjoy? Against these wrinkly old men these young woman look incredibly toned and vital. The content is 100% exclusive which is not surprising since this is the first time I have seen a site like this. The women are attractive and young; the men are older and old. The images have a distinctly non-North American look to them. I am betting Russia or one of the eastern European countries as the origins of this material. I click on one of the trailers. It opens very slowly likely because it is a MPG file, another indication of Eastern Europe but the clincher is no dialogue in the video. I really would prefer dialogue with subtitles to the un-natural silence of the interaction I have seen in many non-English speaking production aimed at the North American market. Members of this site get access to 30 other sites as a bonus but not all at once. I reviewed one of the bonus sites in this network and could never figure out how many bonus sites one did get on joining. It seemed to be more than 30.

Well they have fixed up the access to the bonus sites since the last time I visited one of their sites. I was confused before because I got access to all their sites on joining. Now I get access to 10 sites and messages under the other sites me I have access in 5 days, 35 days, 65 days, etc. to additional bonus sites. Grandpas Fuck Teens is updated each week. There are 32 scenes on the site now. Each scene has video and pictures. The pictures are large, good quality photos, 850x1280 pixels. Many of the sets have 200 photos. There is no slide show option. Moving about the site is slow. Everything takes a long time to open and download speeds for the movies are not better than 170 kb/s which contrasts badly with another site I reviewed today with download speeds consistently above 520 kb/s.

Each video is divided into 10, 3-minute segments. It is uncanny how all the movies are exactly 30 minutes. They can be streamed in low, medium or high or downloaded in medium and high quality. I stream the segments from Katarina’s Naughty Teen video in both medium and high quality. The high quality offers good viewing quality on a 448x336 pixel screen, while the medium is acceptable in quality. You definitely know you are not in Kansas anymore with this video. It feels foreign to a North American eye. Katarina is cute enough and the laborer whose cock she must have is old enough to be her father if not her grandfather. Their silent sex is mechanical, like a poorly pantomimed sex act by pantomimes who have not yet mastered their art.

My next video is Brandy’s Teacher. Brandy is a very young looking pig-tailed cutie with braces that sent me looking for their 2257 declaration for reassurance, which I did not find, by the way. Brandy soon has her teacher’s very large penis in her mouth and he quickly forgets the chastisement he was giving her for her poor marks. Brandy is such an innocent looking teen with an adorable smile. She has a great natural body and seems really into the scene and comfortable with the huge load of cum she takes in her mouth, playing with, smearing it over her braces while looking directly into the camera.

Taking a big load of cum in the mouth seems to be a feature of this site. The lovely Lois Black finishes with a huge load of cum from the same giant teacher cock. The scene has some sixty seconds of silly broken English dialogue before Lois has his dick in her mouth. Such efforts at improbable set ups should not be attempted. They add nothing accept hilarity which I suspect was not the producer’s intent. Lois is an exotic brunette with dark eyes and has, perhaps, the best body on the site. And then there is Cherie a tiny blond whom a grizzled professorial type discovers masturbating with a lollipop. She has a beautiful cleanly shaven pussy. I found myself wondering what she would taste like in peppermint mode. She too finishes with a large load that she swallows with a big smile. Somehow the absence of any dialogue doesn’t detract from this video. There are guys old enough to be grandfathers on this site but he is not one of them.

Grandpas Fuck Teens occupies a little populated niche that I predict will grow. The videos are produced in Eastern Europe so the English when spoken in some of the stilted dialogues is humorous. The site updates every week and there are presently 34 scenes. Many of the models are lovely teens with natural bodies and no tattoos or piercings. Some of the scenes are quite hot.

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