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Gobble My Goo

Reviewed on 03/12/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.5

Main: Cum shots

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

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First Impression:
Gobble My Goo is a domain name that leaves little doubt as to the subject matter of the site. And if there is any doubt, it is immediately cleared up by the headline emblazoned across the top of the tour page, "Thursty (sic) whores swallowing gobs of goo just for you." It is most unfortunate that the first word on the page is misspelled. It certainly does not instill a great deal of confidence in the quality of the site. Let’s hope the owner’s first language is not English. Not helping is the fact that the second sentence in the tour says, "100% hardcore cum gobbleing (sic) whores." It is hard to take a site seriously when they can’t spell. Gobble My Goo is a member of something called the PervNetwork with 20+ exclusive sites. The tour offers a generous number video captures and 5 video trailers that will give potential members a good idea of the nature of the videos they will find in the site. Each video repeatedly makes use of the word Exclusive in its description as though repeating it will make it true. Fortunately you do not have to take their word for it. I am going to go in and verify it for you. My general comment on the tour is that it is uninspiring and it is not just the poor spelling. It looks just like every other tour that uses the same "reality-style" design format.

The Gobble My Goo homepage, while easy to navigate, continues to put me off. I think it is because of the distorted thumbnails used to promote the links to the videos. It reflects a carelessness that undermines my confidence in the site. A dialogue box at the top of the page informs me that the last update for Gobble My Goo was March 8. Today is the 12th. The site seems to be updated every week. I click on Alicia the March 1 update. Her videos are rated 4 stars out of five and her pictures are rated 3 out of five. The pictures are large, 819x1229 pixels, but the color seems washed out. I am impressed by the number of video viewing options: WMV - 700, 1100 and 2100 kbps; MPEG - 1000 kbps; Mac - 1000 kbps; and iPod standard. I right click and download the MPG 1000 kbps version. The download speed is a rapid 475 kb/s but the file is large at 253 MB so I continue to look around the site while waiting for the video to arrive.

There is a section called top-rated videos. I click on Jamie who has received 5 stars. I start the download which immediately jumps to 250 kb/s while the first download begins to slow marginally. One thing the site can justly claim is fast downloads. The Alicia video when it arrives is good quality and plays on a large 720x480 pixels screen. Alicia teases us with her slim young body and full natural breasts. She soon has two cocks in her hands, rubbing the heads of each cock together as she easily fits them both into her mouth. The two cocks sliding back and forth over each other would be quite attractive to gay viewers. She is fucked by both these guys who finally cum in a large martini glass. She drinks it all, her bright green eyes sparkling as she looks right at us.

The next girl is Jamie Anne. She is a pretty young blond who turns out to be quite the incredible sexual performer. She has lovely natural breasts and a cleanly shaven fat pussy with a delectable gash that moans to be penetrated. Jamie, as the site calls her, is energetic, highly verbal and expressive. She loves to be watched. She stares directly into the camera while inserting the first cock into her anus. The double penetration scene is a delight. Again, both guys cum in a large Martini glass. That must be a signature of this series. Jamie slurps every last drop of cum from the glass.

The next movie has two women, Cole and Tiana. I don’t like it as much as the first two. It has different feel then the others because it is a different crew. There is no martini glass. The scene finishes with the two girls sharing a large load which they appear eager to be rid of. I am now uncertain about how exclusive this content is. Only half have the martini glass. The ones with the glass have the appearance of perhaps having been made for this site and tend to be the ones I like best. One model, without the glass but very striking in her looks and a definite cum gobbler, is Violet. She reminds me of a young Elizabeth Taylor, her eyes mostly. There are 33 videos in total. I like the videos and am disappointed there are not more. If the site continues to update weekly with videos of the quality I viewed, members will be satisfied.

While I deplore the uninspired design of the tour and it’s spelling errors, I like Gobble My Goo’s content. It has 33 high quality videos at the moment with updates every week and 20 bonus sites to boot. All the videos end with a gooey face and in nearly all the videos I watched the girls are happy to receive the load, playing with it before they swallow.

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