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Girls Hunting Girls

Reviewed on 02/13/2007 by Basschick

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.8

Main: Lesbian
Additional: Reality

3 Day Trial: $2.95
1 Month: $38.80
3 Months: $58.80

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
The Girls Hunting Girls tour shows 2 girls each week finding a third and getting her to join them for a lesbian threesome. Unlike some similar sites, the girls here include a number of pornstars and pornstar-quality girls rather than amateurs. We're talking hotties rather than girls next door, and these hotties look like they love to lick pussy! In fact, I can't wait to see the action here, so join me as I log into Girls Hunting Girls and take a look at the member area.

The Girls Hunting Girls main member page is long and has links to everything right there on the page. First comes a list of the recent episodes in all the sites in network. Next comes the latest episode, complete with nice sized preview thumb, description of the action plus links to pics and videos. Keep scrolling and you'll come to all the other episodes followed by links to the 13 exclusive content bonus sites. Last is what looks like 9 more bonus sites, but are actually more short preview sites aimed at selling pay per view and DVDs. And near the bottom on the right is a small link to Site Help.

There are currently just over 80 episodes inside Girls Hunting Girls, each one offering photos and videos. Each episode has its own page where you will find links to the pics, 1 minute MPG clips and longer WMV clips. There's also a description of the action and the 1 minute clips each have a tiny vidcap to help you decide which clips to watch. Both sets of clips are available in 2 sizes and can be played or saved to your hard drive. The newer episodes also have MP4 clips for iPods and other portable players.

The high quality MPG clips look pretty sharp and clear, but they're also on the smaller size at 352x240 and while you might be happy if you enlarge them to 200%, they aren't good enough quality to go full screen without a substantial loss of quality. The high quality WMVs, called DSL/cable, are similar in size and quality - too bad Girls Hunting Girls don't offer their videos at a little higher quality and larger screen size. Still, if you don't mind the size, you'll probably be pretty happy with the vid quality.

Download speed and sound are good on the videos but one thing to be aware of is that the high quality WMVs use DRM. Unlike other sites, I didn't have to input my username and password every time I played a high quality WMV, but it is there and something to be aware of. I was unable to find the terms of the license so I don't know if these videos play forever or just till one's membership expires.

What stands out for me here is that the girls talk with their male cameraman in most of the episodes, flirting with him and very involved with him. Having him there as part of the team makes the site and the girls seem less involved with lesbian sex. In the few newer episodes where they have a female working the camera it adds a much more "girls together" feel to the videos and they do try it in a few newer videos, which worked better for me. If they hadn't sounded so gossipy-giggly it would have worked even better.

Even more awkward are the parts where some of the girls try to act and pretend they don't know the camera is there. "Where do girls hang out?" one chick asks the other in an exaggerated porn girl voice. Eek! Luckily the action is a lot hotter than the reality-style setup or the acting and there's plenty of fingering, pussy licking and girls playing with each other.

Girls Hunting Girls members also get access to 13 reality sites owned and operated by the same folks. It's a good collection of categories, too - milfs, teens, Latina porn, guys in limos fucking girls, big tits, cheerleaders and more. If you're looking for enough hardcore to keep you busy, it looks like this is a hot group of sites.

Issues I had here include the fact that there are no dates on the updates, the smallish size of the videos and the rather pricey monthly subscription price. I would have also preferred full videos rather than only clips but the longer WMV clips weren't bad at all.

If watching 3 girls get naked and play together turns you on, Girls Hunting Girls may be just the ticket. The videos are on the small side but the quality is good if you don't enlarge and all movies are available in long WMV clips or 1 minute MPG clips that can be downloaded or streamed. While there is no way to know how often this site updates, there are over 80 episodes - enough to keep members busy for the first month. In addition, members get access to a pretty good collection of exclusive bonus sites so there really is a lot of porn here. If you're looking for big, high quality videos, this may not be the site for you but if size isn't a big issue for you, I think Girls Hunting Girls has a lot to offer!

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