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Girls Drink Cum

Reviewed on 08/06/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 1
Quality of content: 4
Navigation: 6
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 4.0

Main: Cum shots

2 Day Trial: $2.95
1 Month: $24.95

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First Impression:
I am beginning to wonder if I have been around the porn scene on the Internet too long. I kind of shudder when I see another teen cum shot site. We have girls who swallow, we have girls who sip cum through a straw, we have girls drinking cum out of a glass. It has all been done before and is still being done now and if you are going to do it you had better do it damn well. I don’t think this site is going to make the grade. I just reviewed a site that looks very similar in design to this one featuring the same girls in their first threesome with two guys. I complained in that review about the yellow-brown cast to the movies. You can see that same trait here in the video captures used to illustrate the tour. I think of it as a Russian look. Like so many areas in which Russia lags behind the west Porn is no different. So much of the Russian content I see lacks energy and is kind of depressing in comparison to western stuff. Maybe it is the backgrounds against which the action is shot; maybe it is the way the films are processed. They have a certain look. I have very low expectations. This tour is two pages long and depicts scenes from the 6 movies with 6 models. They are exactly the same six models that were the only six models in the six films that made up the only content of Group Teen Casting. I would be willing to bet money that there are only going to be six movies in this site.

Damn I would have lost that bet. I should have been more specific and said I bet there are no more than 6 videos on the site. There are only five videos on Girls Drink Cum. There are no pictures. When you click on the link under the girl’s image a video player opens. It takes me only a few seconds to realize that it will be a long wait before the movie plays. I right click and save the file to my hard drive. It is 185 MB and downloads at 225 kb/s. I start a second download, it maintains the same speed as the first, excellent. The video, Olya, is 320x240 pixels. The quality is good. The lighting is yellow and sombre. The setting is depressing Russian décor. The sex is silent and sombre. I just do not get the impression that this couple is having fun. The guy cums on her chest and then scoops it up in kind of shot glass and pour it into her mouth. Olya is a pretty enough girl but I do not find the shoot erotic at all. It looks like work.

Vika is significantly more exuberant in her video and I like her matching brightly colored bra and panty. She is cute brunette with beautiful natural breasts. She wears two pigtails and smiles a lot. I like her because her personality comes across. It is too bad that the video is such a dark reddish-brown. It detracts completely from the action. Again no one speaks which is a little distracting because after a while you realize how unusual it is to hear no communication between two people being so intimate. The shoot finishes with the guy cumming on her breasts. She scoops up some of the cum with a white plastic spoon, puts it in her mouth and quickly spits it out. Then with a lovely smile on her beautiful young face she says in accented English something about drinking cum for Girls Drink Cum. She does not actually drink any and does not look like she wants to. The Lida video is larger, although my computer won’t give its size when I click properties. I figure it is 480x360 pixels and it plays at 1000 kbps. It is very good quality and brighter than the other videos but still has that brownish cast to it. Lida is lovely but I am put off by the total lack of verbal communication between the two of them over the 25 minutes of the clip. What self-control they demonstrate to be able to not say a word is impressive but it looks so un-natural when you watch it. I do get a chuckle out of the way Lida totally garbles the lines she supposed to read about drinking cum. Like Vika she spits it out pretty quickly. These girls are not cum drinkers.

Girls Drink Cum offers only five videos of five girls at the moment with the promise of more girls to come. One girl does appear to drink cum. The others will at least put it in their mouths. Three of the videos I watch are 320x240 pixels and one I watch is larger and better quality, maybe 480x360 pixels. There is not enough content to warrant joining this site on its own merits. It is portal into a network of other sites that I did not look at.

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