Giants Black Meat White Treat

Reviewed on 2006-05-22 by Basschick




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Giants Black Meat White Treat is a reality-style site. The tour shows hung black men finding girls who are down on their luck and need some cash. They offer these girls $1000 to come back to the studio and the girls snap this offer up. Next thing they know, their mouths and pussies are stuffed with huge black dick. Want to know more about Giants Black Meat White Treat? So do I, so let's go check out the member area.

When you log into Giants Black Meat White Treat it's pretty easy to find the content. After a navigation bar running along the top of the page, you will find the 3 most recent network updates. Directly below that is the newest episode of Giants Black Meat White Treat. Below that you will find links to the videos in 2 sections - exclusive videos are listed first followed by the non-exclusive videos. And underneath the video listings are the bonus sites.

There are actually 2 different types of exclusive videos inside Giants Black Meat White Treat - some have street pickups like most of the previews on the tour show, the rest are studio shoots. I prefer the street pickups, which is mostly what was shown on the tour. The studio shoots are okay, but if you're a big fan of reality sites, be warned - less than half the exclusive videos are reality shoots.

The girls in the exclusive Giants Black Meat White Treat videos are mostly blond, which makes a nice contrast to the dark cocks they get to suck. There are some brunettes, too. Every one it petite, so it's impressive seeing their pussies pierced by giant black dicks.

There are 33 exclusive videos and 64 non-exclusive videos inside Giants Black Meat White Treat. That's a total of 97 interracial sex videos, each with pics. The videos are WMVs and each video can be watched in clips or as a full movie download. Both full movies and clips can be watched in your choice of 3 quality - low, medium and high. Let's check out the high quality videos first.

Giants Black Meat White Treat's high quality videos stream at 491k. The full videos are displayed at 480x430 while the clips are shown at 320x306. Shown at 480x430 the videos are good amateur quality while shown at the smaller screen size, they look a little sharper. The sound is mostly good quality and if you're on normal broadband, the videos start to play quickly and stream smoothly.

If you're on slower broadband or on dialup, you'll want to try the medium or low quality videos. The medium quality streams around 291k, the low at around 130k. While the quality isn't as good as the high quality videos, they are still pretty good for medium or low quality, and they are just the ticket for people on a less than speedy connection.

All of the video sets I checked out came with pics - some with only one set and some with two. The sets marked photo gallery are vidcaps, which are pics taken directly from the videos. These are lower in quality than digital stills, but still show all the action. The exclusive videos offer better quality vidcaps in the photo galleries.

Many of the exclusive videos offer two pic sets, one the photo galleries and the other called Digital Stills. The digital stills are shot with a camera and are good quality and average sized, shown at a screen size of 600x800. The digital stills do not always show the same action as the videos. The first digital stills shot in the studio often show the girls posing and teasing the camera before any action but also show all the sex from a slightly different angle.

Beside Giants Black Meat White Treat interracial pics and videos, members get access to 24 bonus sites. These are not third-party feeds, but are sites created by the same company that does Giants Black Meat White Treat. There are 2 ebony sites, some teen sites, 2 wife-fucking sites and plenty of other sites in many categories.

I have mixed feelings about Giants Black Meat White Treat. They definitely do offer some cute girls taking on big black cocks, but I was hoping for more reality shoots. On the other hand they do offer just under 100 videos, 33 of which are exclusive. That's a lot of white pussies getting banged by black cocks. The videos are good amateur quality, each comes with pics, and members get access to over 1500 more porn movies through access to the bonus sites. If you like interracial smut and want access to a huge hardcore video archive, why not check out Giants Black Meat White Treat!

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