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Ghetto Gaggers is a site that takes pretty black girls and ebony pornstars, treats them to rough sex and verbal abuse and then covers them with cum. It's shocking and it's meant to be. To give you an idea of what this site is like, the first girl listed on the tour is black porn superstar Lacey Duvalle. As the narrator of the site text says about her "minutes later there were white cocks thrusting down her throat until she was reduced to a pile of vomit". This is pretty typical here - you will find ebony cuties referred to as a "cum glazed clown", a "degraded lump of ghettoness" and a "fuckin' pig". If that kind of thing turns you on, or if you're curious about what goes on inside an extreme porn site, join me as we take a look inside Ghetto Gaggers.

When you log into Ghetto Gaggers, you are taken to a page that allows members to enter any one of 5 original extreme sites and also includes links to each of their latest updates. We'll take a look at these sites later but since we're here for Ghetto Gaggers, I clicked that link and entered the member area.

The main member page of Ghetto Gaggers is about as simple as it gets. There are site navigation links at the top of the page. Beneath them are listings to all 67 of the girls, each listed with a thumb on the left along with her name, number of pics to the right and duration of the video on its right. The dates when each pic set and video were added is also listed. A few of the episodes don't have pics, but every one has video. Keep scrolling and you'll get to the bonus content - the 4 sites in the network, some ads that look like thumbs, 4 full length black porn movies, 8 bonus sites plus some more bonus features. For those who are like me, having all the content linked from one page makes life a lot easier. Now let's go take a look at the content.

The Ghetto Gaggers videos are offered in several options. The full video can be watched as a streaming WMV that is shown at 320x240 with a bitrate of around 500 kbps. There are downloadable versions of the full movie in both broadband and dialup sizes. The broadband versions are a little bigger and also higher quality than the streaming WMV but can take over 20 minutes to download each movie on regular broadband. One last video option for those who prefer short clips - there are dialup sized 1-minute or so MPG clips.

Each video page shows the total download sizes of the various videos or the number of them. Often the downloadable broadband MPGs are over 400mb due to the length of the videos, which is often over 40 minutes. The sound of all the video options is pretty good and the video quality is amateur, which makes sense considering the amateur nature of these videos.

Most of the Ghetto Gaggers movies start with a brief interview done by a less than friendly interviewer. After a few normal questions, the interviewer starts to ask some unusual questions and make some comments that seem to make the girls uncomfortable. Of course, they become more comfortable when gagged by two or more white cocks and forced to take insults, face slapping, rough sex and other extreme acts that the girls don't seem really prepared for. This culminates in a cumshot that is often followed by having the girl sit there dripping cum while being called a whore. Some of these girls are also on one of the sister sites in the network, Ebony Cum Dumps.

If you're looking for pics, there are two options. If you don't mind vidcaps, you'll find a Movie Stills link on most of the video pages. Click the link and you can see pics taken directly from the video. The quality is not the best, but you expect that with vidcaps. Most of the movies also come with a set of high quality digital stills. These can be found on the main page and are listed by number of pics in each set. The older episodes come with less pics - often 40 to 80 per set - but the newer episodes often have over 200 pics per shoot. These are pretty good sized, shown at around 1024x768 at average porn quality. No zip sets or slideshows are offered but you can download individual pics by right clicking on the pic and choosing save as.

Ghetto Gaggers updates at irregular intervals, some months offering 4 updates and others 2. Luckily members also get access to 4 more extreme sites, Facial Abuse, Sperm Suckers, Ebony Cum Dumps and Latina Abuse. If you like the way the guys treat the black girls in Ghetto Gaggers, you'll probably like all 4 bonus sites as well. They are similar in video quality, types of rough treatment and even the cameraman is the same so be sure and check the other sites out if you do happen to join.

Ghetto Gaggers is a site that uses sex to show black girls who's the boss. While some sites have better quality content, nobody does extreme porn quite like the guys from Ghetto Gaggers. With 67 episodes featuring cute black honeys being sexually abused and humiliated, this site has a lot to offer members - especially considering the 4 exclusive content bonus sites that offer more of the same sort of stuff. If you like shock porn and black cuties being degraded for sexual pleasure, this is a site you're going to like.

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