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Gag on My Cock

Reviewed on 08/06/2006 by James

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.3

Main: Extreme

2 Day Trial: $2.95
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
One look at the extremely hardcore tour of Gag on My Cock and I could tell that this site was absolutely serious about explicit face fucking. This isn't the place for an intimate blowjob to be revealed but the type of site that exposes just exactly how brutal fucking a girl's throat can get. If seeing gorgeous amateur girls holding back tears while they suffocate on cock is your idea of a good time then this obscene site will make you pitch a tent in your pants in no time. The tour definitely lets you know that Gag on My Cock violates and exploits girls with outrageous oral sex.

Gag on My Cock is straight forward as a site could possibly be with their delivery of hardcore amateur looking content. Right when you access the member's portion of the oral sex premium page you are shown the latest filthy babe to be featured getting her pretty face banged. The remaining episodes continue down the main member's page in chronological order making navigation of this site extremely simplistic. Everyone loves easy access to porn and Gag on My Cock delivers.

The content showcased at Gag on My Cock is exclusive and filmed solely for this schlong slurping page. Most of the naughty amateurs are forced to wear a t-shirt that has Gag on My Cock written on the front with marker which amusingly enough seems to brand these girls as the whores they are. These rag tag uniforms tend to end up stained with a mix of cum, mascara, and tears from the filthy activities that take place.

Selecting from one of the cock hungry hotties is easily done since each one of these sluts has a few thumbnails giving you an idea of how wild the action gets before choosing what scene to watch. A somewhat entertaining bio also describes the naughty situation and how the cum craving nympho was reacting to her facial abuse. Below the bio and preview pictures are links to all the girls' pictures and videos.

While Gag on My Cock does dedicate a portion of its page to photography the majority of the oral sex smut featured here is video based. The meat sucking scenes can range from ten to thirty minutes in running time and file size can be over five hundred megabytes if you download the entire DVD clip.

Gag on My Cock was somewhat inconsistent with its downloading options which I found to be a bit perturbing. For some episodes you are given the option to download the full scene and broken up clips of the action while other episodes only offer the short clips for a choice. Another aspect of the footage I found to be inconsistent was the format. WMV is available for a few of the episodes and the rest of the movies can be viewed as MPG files.

If you are a fan of erotic photography then Gag on My Cock is truly hit or miss. First of all only some of the footage has photos accompanying it. This is honestly frustrating since it makes this sites content seem incomplete. When a girl actually does have her cock fiending portrayed in a pictorial it is definitely nothing spectacular quality-wise. These images seem more focused on saving bandwidth then blowing away the viewer with high quality detail. The only upside to this unsatisfactory portion of Gag On My Cock is that when an episode actually has pictorial content you do get a large sum of images to enjoy. You can browse through these pictures by scanning through pages of thumbnails or loading an image full size and clicking a link to go to the next image in the set.

One thing Gag on My Cock doesn't loose steam with is its overall theme. These girls are always getting brutalized with dick and the oral sex scenes have to be some of the filthiest I have ever seen. I am hardly innocent when it comes to porn so me feeling this way about the kinkiness of the content speaks volumes. The way these beautiful blow job babes get treated is so wicked and at times I think they are actually near the point of suffocation from the throat pounding punishment.

The best aspect in my opinion at Gag on My Cock is the access to all of the sites that are in this pages network. Members can enter dozens of other premium porn pages with the same password allowing users to get a variety of smut when accessing Gag on My Cock. Checking out equally nasty places in the network like Angel 2 Slut, Teen POV, and Jizz on Glasses, is easily done and really helps to round out the content at Gag on My Cock.

Gag on My Cock does follow through with its promise of some of the freshest cock gagging victims on the internet. The only negative is that the content delivery is on the weak side. The face slamming smut site does have a ton of potential with its in your face material, ease of navigation, and selection of models. If Gag on My Cock works out a few kinks like the lack of pictorials and video options this site could easily be one of the better brutal oral sex sites around. The fact you get to enjoy the entire network of porn that Gag on My Cock is a part of is definitely the saving grace of this site.

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