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Reviewed on 2007-04-18 by Frank




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Ah, those magnificent men and their fucking machines. This is another site in the flourishing Kink.com empire. Each site must be joined separately. I recently reviewed the mother ship that launched all these sites, Hogtied, and gave it one of my highest ratings. I am similarly enthusiastic about this site. It has invented a niche that it continues to fill as its best exemplar. This site, like the others in the Kink.com network provides a tour that is a replica of what you will find inside. The site has been updating weekly since 2000 so there are many hours of kinky enjoyment to be had, 377 shoots and 13,044 minutes of video viewing, as of this writing, to be precise. I love the creativity of the site. The machines range from handheld devices, not dissimilar to a home-made "Drilldo", to robotic devices that would be a credit to a graduating class of mechanical engineers. Scan the pages of the tour and you will recognize many women from their appearances on other adult websites of the more traditional porn variety. I also recognize many from their appearances on Hogtied. I am happy to see Penny Flame and Annie Cruz here. Both have impressed me, not only with their sexuality, but with their intelligence which shines through when they are given an opportunity to demonstrate their role-playing skills. A woman masturbating has always been a popular feature of the net. Masturbating women to a forced orgasm is the theme of Hog-tied. Here the women are totally in control. Is this is the future of sex, men obsolete and unable to compete with these mechanical fornicators.

You can see for yourself by paging through the tour that the women are beautiful. What is most impressive about this site is the variety. This is in essence a female masturbation site if we define masturbation as women getting themselves off with the aid of tools. And the tools here blow your standard sex-Shoppe sex aid out of the water. They range from the more pedestrian stuff that most of us could buy, like a pneumatic drilldo or Sybian, to incredible science-fiction-like devices of highly polished aluminum or steel, beautifully and artistically engineered to maximize the visual impact of the woman-machine connection. What can be more erotic that watching a woman, totally uninhibited in her pursuit of orgasmic pleasure. Men, should we be alarmed? Machines like the Annihilator and the Intrude, armed with dildos larger than any human penis are capable of sustained pumping speeds that would set a woman’s pussy on fire if not for the fountains of excited lubricant, she screaming and squirming produces.

It turns out Annie Cruz is a squirter and she is involved in a distance squirting contest with another model. I am astounded how far these women can ejaculate. I bet they would be men in an ejaculation contest. Tia Tanaka is also here. She is a new Asian model that I have recently come across. With Sunny Lee so hard to find on the web nowadays she is my new favorite Asian model. She has that sweet innocent look that contrasts so sharply with her exuberant sexuality. In her interview after her shoot, the interviewer comments that Tia had set the machine on maximum for longer than any other woman. Tia said she likes to be pounded hard and that this was just like sex with a man only better because it could go faster and never tire. Is this our future men? On the news today it was announced that science has found a way to create artificial sperm from the bone marrow of women, thus making it possible for lesbian couples to reproduce one day. So guys, be extra nice to your female friends.

You can see for yourself in the preview, the variety of content. Each shoot has 3-4 scenes accompanied by interviews with the participants. Movies are available in Real and WMV formats and can be downloaded or in the case of WMV streamed. The videos are divided in 4 to 6 segments and all can be downloaded as zipped files. Each shoot is accompanied by photos taken at the same time as the video that can also be downloaded as zipped files. The images are large, good quality and are a nice addition to the videos. There is no slide show function. The videos are excellent quality on a large 640x480 pixel screen. Earlier videos, from a time when bandwidth cost more, are divided into more segments, shorter in duration, and play on a 320x240 pixel screen. Members comment on each of the shoots.

Fucking Machines is a fucking great site! It has tons of high-quality exclusive video and photo content, constantly updated. The women are beautiful. The settings are varied. The shoots are imaginative. The orgasms are real and spectacular. The site’s tour shows you everything you will see in the site. If you like what you see that is what you get. Fucking Machines owns this niche.

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