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Fucked Tits

Reviewed on 11/20/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.3

Main: Big tits

3 Day Trial: $4.95
1 Month: $29.86
3 Months: $64.85

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First Impression:
I love the name. It shows you that there are still good domain names out there. It tells you immediately what the site is about. And are tits not just the loveliest places to rest your erection? Better yet, press their warm enveloping masses together over your hot throbbing dick as you thrust back and forth holding your gaze on their erect nipples. Click on the domain name and the tour confirms its appellation. I like breasts of all sizes as long as they are real and still relatively ripe for fondling. I like them to be about the same size and I am not too keen on breasts that look like emptied plastic milk bags. I don’t mind augmented breasts as long as thy look natural. One of three women placed prominently on the welcoming page has had one of those unfortunate breast jobs; you know the kind, so obviously false. The emphasis seems to be on large breasts. I am hoping that is not going to mean too many women with the equivalent of a bad toupee. The tour text informs us that the site is the work of a man who has been recruiting, filming and photographing his own "100% original content for people that love BIG TITS". Well the big tit emphasis is certainly confirmed. Most interestingly the site claims all the content is from his personal collection and has never been sold and won’t be found elsewhere. That is hugely attractive as is also the claim that the site has "multiple updates everyday" and the updates are all original content updates. If true this will be quite a remarkable site. There are 33 women shown in the tour so there are at least 33 videos. The tour has sold me.

Click on the member’s button and we arrive at the All Inclusive Pass home page. I have been here before when I reviewed Mother Daughter Fuck. The Fucked Tits home page is simple but effective. There are 33 videos. As for multiple updates daily I am guessing there is an update somewhere on one of the sites in the network every day. How often Fucked Tits will be updated, I can’t determine. The highest rated update is Zena Star. I right click on the wmv high quality video option to download the complete movie. It is 121 MB but with a download speed averaging 525 kbps it arrives rapidly. There is a set of pictures that accompanies the video of the full-breasted blonde Zana. I actually like the looks of Laycee James better and I start her download while I check out Zana. When I right click these two videos the file name that appears on both is "high". I don’t like this. The webmaster should label the videos rather than making us do it if we don’t want to overwrite a previously saved file of the same name. Zana has the perfect long natural breast for stroking a cock. This is a great movie for breast guys. She teases with them, he plays with them, she uses them skillfully on his cock and even when they are fucking the focus remains on her breasts and of course he cums on her breasts. The video is 33 minutes long. There are lengthy parts particularly at the end of the video with no audio. This detracts hugely from the video.

Laycee has small perky tits and does a really nice combo breast and blowjob. This is a shorter video with no fucking. Lexi has luscious large breasts and her video includes a hot fuck scene that finishes with him cumming on her breasts and her turning away in disgust as he tries to put his spermy cock into her mouth. I think I would have edited that part out. Brandy has the massive natural mammaries that only a plump woman can acquire. This is a great movie for you lovers of big, big breasts. And true to the name of the site there is some excellent tittie fucking. Each video is accompanied by a set of 100 large pictures, 960x1280 pixels. Augmented breasts are a little over represented here for my tastes but there are also lots of girls with nice natural breasts. Mia Bang’s boobs stand out in this respect.

Fucked Tits is a site that will appeal to breast lovers, particularly big breast lovers. The videos are amateurish but engaging. The girls know how to tease. The emphasis throughout the videos remains on their breasts. Each video can be streamed or downloaded. There are only 33 videos on Fucked Tits at the moment but they are all good and all exclusive. Members have access to 9 other sites with lots of big-breasted women featured in several of them.

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