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First Impression:
When I first saw the tour of FTV Girls, I was blown away. Picture over 200 of the most beautiful girls you've ever seen, every one new to video. I'm talking beautiful long-legged slender model-types with shapely bodies and sexy smiles. The FTV in FTV Girls stands for First Time Video, so these girls haven't been caught on video before. While these girls may be first-timers, they are definitely not your average amateurs. These are well-groomed and gorgeous babes in sexy clothes who give us plenty of posing, personal stuff, dildo play and more. I'm very impressed with the girls on the tour, and I can't wait to see more of them, so let's log in and see more of FTV Girls!

When you enter the member area of FTV Girls, you are met with a very useful set of links across the top of the page followed by the latest updates. Scroll down and you can vote for your favorite model. After the voting link, there are links and preview thumbs to all the latest updates including info about the girl and the shoot. You will also find the number of pics and how many MBs of video there are for each of the girls.

Most of the girls inside FTV Girls are between 18 and 24 years old. There are no "hard" models here - these aren't girls from the streets. The first girl I checked out was Michelle, a dream girl with long hair who not slid a dildo deep in her pussy and got herself off with a vibrator - we also got to see her play with her dog and do some incredible posing showing off her long legs and graceful moves.

The most useful link at the top of the page is the model directory where you can browse the models alphabetically. This took me quite a while as there are over 200 sexy honeys and over 300 updates listed. Each update shows a preview thumb, the girl's name, the date it was added and more info as well. You can see the "intensity" of each shoot by the number of stars to the immediate right of her thumb. That basically shows how nasty she gets. A girl who masturbates during the shoot gets more stars than a girl who only poses. And there are plenty of girls with 4 or 5 stars!

When you choose a girl, you are taken to her page for that update. Each girl's update has several pic sets and usually 2 or more videos. You will also get to read the girl's comments about herself or the shoot and on the newer updates you will also get to read the photographer's comments. These are not just a quick set of pics and a video - these are in depth looks at the girls at their sexy best, with professional lighting and everything it takes to make a high class amateur centerfold shoot happen. In a word, we're talking about quality.

The pics are wonderfully posed, and except for the very oldest, are beautiful quality. It's obvious the photographer takes his time to get the girls comfortable so they can really shine. Unlike other sites where you can almost see they try to hurry the models so they can pay less, the FTV Girls are made up, their hair done and they feel sexy. And when they feel sexy, they can look and act sexy!

The pics are large and good quality. There are no small or grainy pics here - old or new, the pics are just over 1000x700 and they are not reduced in quality to save money. For those who wish to download a pic set, the file for each pic set is available on the upper left of each gallery - and you WILL want to download some of these.

While I have seen sharper pics, these are very nice and you'll love seeing both the sexy teasing pic sets and the pics of the girls as they fuck themselves with dildos or spread their pink pussies wide. For members who want HUGE pics, go to Extras and look for the link that says SUPERSIZED PICS. There you can download the zipped sets in their full size, unprocessed. These pics are from 500 to 1500k each and will more than fill any monitor.

The videos inside FTV Girls are available in 2 formats - WMV and DivX. The DivX are nice and look good, shown at 352x256 or 352x240. The quality is good and the videos still look pretty sharp if enlarged to 200%. But it's the WMV clips I personally preferred. Shown at a large 640x480, all the WMVs I watched streamed at least 1000k, and many of the newer ones at over 2000k. What this means is the videos are good quality in whichever format you choose. They can be streamed or downloaded, too, and use no DRM protection so members can watch them forever.

In addition, underneath the EXTRAS link you will find the FTV Challenge. This is where you can find the hottest masturbation videos - and believe me, the ones I watched certainly were! You can also find the models with the best breasts, the most unique and intense scenes (where you can find fisting, BIG toys, squirting and other extreme fun) and the most beautiful girls.

After spending some quality time inside FTV Girls, I can honestly say that the girls here are among the most beautiful and sexiest on the web. Beside the centerfold stuff, you can watch most of these girls get themselves off and show off those pussies. There are plenty of movies and plenty of pics - and over 200 models! If you love truly gorgeous girls who are having a wonderful time laughing, playing, masturbating and getting off on camera, FTV Girls is a must-see site!

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