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Fresh Amateur Vids

Reviewed on 03/08/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.3

Main: Amateur
Additional: Masturbation

1 Month: $34.95
3 Months: $69.85

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Today's review is of Fresh Amateur Vids. This is an amateur girls site with a grab bag variety of models. Each girl here does an interview followed by solo videos, it's as direct as that. It's pretty basic and a well-traveled theme in internet porn.

The main members page is pretty much the only page on the site, aside from individual gallery pages. It has the advantage of being very simple and well-organized, but it lacks personality as there's no descriptive text anywhere, and is just one long page that you have to keep scrolling and scrolling through. The models are listed alphabetically with 1 big thumb and links to their content, it's straightforward and easy to use. There are a couple ads here, neither are misleading, but there's also a banner at the top of the page which does have the free content it claims to yet is also meant to get you to spend money over there - I don't exactly consider it an ad and didn't even mention it in my reviews of their other sites, but none of them had it at the very top of the page.

There's a variety of models here ranging in their 20s to early 30s, more are white but there a number of other ethnicities. The body types are decent and span slim to average builds, some chesty - both natural and implants - while others less so but none I'd call flat-chested. Some of the models do have a fresh look while others... not so much. Hair colors are mostly brunettes and blonds. As to their attractiveness, again it runs the gamut but there are more on the moderately-cute side than the lesser side of that scale. The girls are in an apartment for the shoot, they do an interview, strip out of their clothes, writhe a little, then play with themselves - some cum, some fake it, some don't even get there before the video just fades out. Some of them smile while some most of the models make eye contact with the camera, sometimes seductively, others self-consciously, I suppose that's part of the amateur mystique.

There are 45 models on the site, most have multiple episodes, for a total of 128 videos (not including the interview video for each of the 45 girls which would bring that to 173). The videos run from 3 minutes to 25 minutes - yup, more variety, what a surprise - each cut into 2.5 minute clips. There are no update dates so there's no way to know if new episodes are ever added.

Videos are offered in 3 sizes of WMV and 1 size of MPEG. The biggest WMV is 648x480 which is a respectable size, but with a bitrate of only 895 kbps it's not the best image it could be - still, this is my preferred video even with the extra moment or two of buffering needed. The middle-sized WMV is 320x240 at around 400 kbps bitrate, while the lowest-size are also 320x240 but at 225 kbps - and a lot of these "low" vids are missing, and lead to a 404 page with a pop-up. The MPEG is a 320x240 screen and comparable to the middle-sized WMVs. The videos do play smoothly on all sizes. The WMVs open in a separate Windows Media Player; I had to save the MPEGs to harddrive to play them.

Video quality is a little on the low side even for internet camcorder porn. The image isn't particularly clear, both from the lower bitrate and I think just a lower-quality camcorder. It moves around a lot in that awkward camcorder style, it's also occasionally shaky from the person holding the camera bumping into something unexpectedly or something. Some of the shot composition and edits are a little questionable, but mainly get the job done.

Lighting is sub-par as most of the shots are a little dark to start with so they're barely adequate for lighting the model. Sound is good in that I generally didn't have to turn up, but it's bad in that there's not much to hear aside from the occasional "move your leg" direction, the girl's music playing in the background or failing that the ambient sounds, muffled traffic or wind through the walls; the girls don't say much outside the interviews and don't always make the prerequisite "playing-with-yourself" sounds. The camera moves around a lot to get the various angles it can, and does move in for close-ups occasionally - I'd guess a quarter of the time or so.

Each episode has a corresponding gallery of vidcaps, so there are 128 photo galleries, each with a varying number of pictures from 100 to 700. The photos are around 60kb or so, a paltry 550x413, and they don't even look that good for shrunken vidcaps. Basically, these are just a flip-book-style assortment of the videos.

Bonuses include access to their 31 other sites of similar quality across various niches. They claim there's also access to 80+ solo girl sites as well, but each link instead redirects to a site for adult webmasters to sign up for feeds - nothing sexy about that.

This is where I'm supposed to discuss the negatives of this site, though honestly I suspect if you've read this far you've already got the idea that there's not much positive to say. The girls aren't all as young as the tour claims, nor all as "fresh" looking. There's a lack of variety about what they're doing, it's mainly just strip and masturbate each time with nothing mixing it up or adding to it. And the videos often just fade to black without actually concluding the action. There's an unusual number of random missing links including many of the "low" videos which sucks for lower-speed users, and there's even a few galleries totally devoid of images; each of those missing links takes you to a 404 page with a pop-up. There are no update dates at all. The videos aren't a very good image and are shot a bit sloppily (though I suppose you could chalk that up to being an "amateur" site), and listening to the dead air hit the camcorder mic for minutes at a time is lame. The photo galleries are just crappy vidcaps. Most of the bonus sites are missing in action. And the price of this site is just too high for what you do and don't get.

What this site has going for it is variety of girls even if they are all doing basically the same thing, it lacks in quality - videos, pictures, page design - and has a lot of problems with missing links and missing bonus content. Unless you're way into these specific girls, I can't recommend joining Fresh Amateur Vids.

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