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Footsie Babes

Reviewed on 05/20/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 8.0

Main: Foot fetish

1 Day Trial: $1.95 (recurs at $29.95)
1 Month: $29.95 (recurs at $24.95)
3 Months: $59.95 (recurs at $54.95)

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
With a domain like Footsie Babes there can be little doubt that the site focuses on feet. Now the foot is not something that was ever a particular turn-on for me, but the beauty of the internet is that there is something, somewhere to satisfy virtually every interest. I am not sexually aroused by feet. It is the person that they are attached to that attracts my interest and on this site the feet belong to some very lovely women indeed, as you can see for yourself by perusing the site’s tour. The girl’s are all Eastern European beauties. They have beautiful natural bodies and by extension, beautiful feet. The site offers both solo women teasing us with their feet and women teasing cocks to ejaculation with their toes. I like a foot job. It is a nice alternative to a hand job. It feels different and looks different and almost half the content here seems to be of that variety. The site offers a full menu "FOOT FETISH, LESBIAN LEG SEX, FOOTJOBS, STOCKINGS, PANTYHOSE, NYLONS, STILETTOS, HIGH HEELS, FOOD TRAMPLING, TEEN SOCKS, BARE FEET, TOE SUCKING, SEXY SOLES". They neglect to mention you will also find blowjobs, hand jobs and fucking here as depicted in the beautifully photographed scenes in the tour. Footsie Babes also offers it members access to 30 bonus sites with an additional two added each month you remain a member. I recently reviewed a site that is one of the bonus offerings, Playful Hands. It is a female masturbation site with the same type of women on it as here; in fact, many of the women are the same. I gave Playful Hands a very good rating and found it to be a worthy stand-alone pay site.

Footsie Babes, like its sister site Playful Hands, is nicely laid-out and like Playful Hands it is as slow as a Montreal blue-collar worker. It is so slow that I forgot looking at the very nice photos that each model has along with her video. It just takes too long for a page to load and I really do think the site is the cause of the slowness and not the net because I have come into this site on 4 separate days at very different times and it is consistently slow. I fare better with the videos. They are reasonably quick to stream even at the highest quality and the downloads, while not very fast at 160-170 kb/s, do not lose any speed when a second download is launched. Each video is split into 10 segments. There are daily updates of one segment at a time. They take a 30 minute video and give us 2 minutes of it a day as an update. Still the site has a significant amount of content right now. I count 83 video shoots.

The first video download arrives. I open it. It is a pretty-enough young blond named Pink. She has straight, abused blond hair, small breasts and a nicely shaped shaved pussy. She uses her feet creatively on the cock she is given to play with. I like it when she kneels with her ass and little oyster pussy in the air while she works the guy’s cock, soles of her feet turned up towards us. The foot job is augmented with a nice hand job and blow job but her feet are always prominently in the picture. Giving a foot job, particularly with a variety of positions, is an awkward affair, with the cock frequently slipping out of her grip and flopping about. In the end he masturbates to orgasm ejaculating as you might expect all over her feet.

My next video has two lovely women caressing and licking each other’s toes and pussies. The video quality is very good and the camera seems always to remain focused on the feet. I remained focused on the lesbian interaction. Both non-foot fetish folks and foot lovers can enjoy the video. Indeed you do not have to be an amateur of feet to enjoy Footsie Babes. Everything except anal sex is depicted here and it is a nice change to see the cum shots aimed some place other than the face. The foot jobs are great; the best I have seen. All the content is exclusive and the girls all have beautiful natural bodies unenhanced by plastic surgery. I counted 33 bonus sites and I am surprised that the four I selected at random I was able to enter. I am left with the impression that all are immediately accessible.

Footsie Babes is a high quality site that focuses on the feet of beautiful women as they engage in all sorts of sexual activity with a heavy emphasis on foot jobs. The site is slow to navigate and its owners might consider what they could do to improve its speed. I found the very good quality videos to be imaginatively done and highly erotic. Footsie Babes offers access to 30 plus bonus sites, one of which I have already reviewed and given a high rating.

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