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Flirty Pussy

Reviewed on 04/10/2007 by Basschick

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 9
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 7.3

Main: Lesbian

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
If there are 2 things I love to see in porn sites, it's cute girls having lesbian sex and high quality videos. That's why I was happy to review Flirty Pussy. The girls on the tour are feminine, cute and they look happy. For me, girls who are really smiling are a lot sexier than the ones who always try and look pouty, and often end up looking bored or worried. At a glance, the girls here look like the kind of chicks it would be FUN to play with. So what am I waiting for? I'm off to the member area of Flirty Pussy to get a closer look!

Flirty Pussy is part of the Pornstar Network, so when you log in you are taken to a network gateway page that gives access to ALL the sites in the network including Flirty Pussy. The link to the site is near the top in the center, so just click that link and you're off!

The member area of Flirty Pussy is clean and easy to find your way around. There are links to the network at the very top of the page, and below that are links to get you around this particular site. One is a Home button that will always get you back to the main member page. Then there's a link to Videos, and this is where the action is. There are also links to Friends and Store, neither of which offer any content, and last is a link to Support. Under these are the 4 latest site updates and at the bottom of the page are the same links again so you don't have to scroll back up.

There are currently 27 videos inside the member area, and all of them are nice and long with cute girls and plenty of pussy licking, sex toys and more girl/girl fun. Each video is offered in 1 very high quality full video, a regular high speed version of the same vid offered in both MPG and WMV clips and 3 varieties of low speed videos. All the movies can be streamed or saved to your harddrive, and they all come with a set of pics.

If you're looking for the good stuff, the full scene download link on each high speed page is the one to go for. Shown at a full 720x240, the full scenes are offered at a whopping 2 Mbps. If you're looking for videos to add to your collection, get ready to start downloading because these are high quality enough to go full screen. They have great sound, play smoothly and are everything a porn video should be. If you're on a slower broadband connection, you'll need to download these in order to avoid waiting the video periodically buffers.

The regular high speed videos are offered as WMV clips with a streaming speed of around 700 kbps and a screen size of 480x360. They look good with good sound and no blurring or other issues. There are also MPG clips of a similar quality but are shown at a smaller screen size. If you want to watch MPGs but don't want a bigger size, just enlarge to 200% in your Media Player. For those on slower connections there are 3 sizes of low speed video clips for each movie, so whether you're on dialup, ISDN or any speed of broadband, Flirty Pussy has you covered.

The action here is all girl/girl. Some of the videos are shot in Canada and some in the Czech Republic but every girl is between 18 and 26, slender with a sunny disposition and a taste for pussy. There's plenty of giggling, fingering, kissing - all in all, this is the kind of lesbian action I like to see! One thing that is worth mentioning is that these videos are probably DVD content - I haven't seen them before, but I did some research and found these same girls in a best-selling lesbian DVD series. Still, they are new to me and if they're new to you, I think you're going to really like the girls and the action here.

As already mentioned, Flirty Pussy members get access to a large network of sites. This includes a lesbian gangbang site, several very cute single girl sites that feature plenty of girl on girl action and tons more sites, as well. Or if you just want plenty more lesbian sex, there's a DVD archive with 187 girl/girl movies for members to watch and download.

Here's what Flirty Pussy has going for it. The girls are cute, fun and horny and the full scene videos offer an almost-DVD quality full download version that you can stream or download. There are several more speeds of videos so pretty much anyone can enjoy the movies. On the downside, there are only 20 videos, no way to know how often the site updates and the videos may be non-exclusive. To help make up for these shortcomings, members get access to a huge collection of bonus sites and content including over 100 lesbian vids. If you're tired of overly made-up pornstars, why not check out Flirty Pussy and see the yummy girls this site has to offer!

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