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Flexy Pussy

Reviewed on 07/18/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 9
Overall: 8.3

Main: Masturbation

1 Day Trial: $1.95 (recurs at $29.95)
1 Month: $29.95 (recurs at $24.95)
3 Months: $59.95 (recurs at $54.95)

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Up next for review is the unusually-titled Flexy Pussy. This is an insertions site. Attractive girls are doing the inserting and they find a variety of things to shove inside their holes. Vegetables, bottles (not getting the deposit back on them!), speculums, sex toys, underwear (isn't that the opposite of how underwear is supposed to work?) and more things going up these girls' hoohahs. The site promises weekly updates, DVD-quality video, hi-res photos, and access to 10+ bonus sites.

The members area is well-organized, at first it feels busy with all the explanatory text at the top but the rest is all content. My biggest issue here is that there's not enough visual separation between episodes, and that's really no big deal. Navigation is found at the top of the pages just under the header, and also at the bottom of the pages. The only ads are found on the "shop" page, there's a bunch but what do you expect from a shop page?

The models here range from moderately to very attractive. These girls are from the "cute girl" Central European countries, mostly Hungary, and some look it more than others. The models pose, strip, play with themselves, and then get down to the insertions. Not all the insertions are as extreme as others, but each episode has a trailer and a few thumbnails to give you an idea of what to expect. Videos run about 14 to 22 minutes each.

There are currently 110 videos here. The site updates regularly with full episodes added weekly, but done in daily increments.

Videos come in WMV format for the streaming versions and MPEG for the download versions. The largest WMV is 448x336 and 1064kbps bitrate; there are 2 smaller sizes available. The largest MPEG is 518x384, which you'll note is larger than the WMV; and there is a smaller size available for this too. Videos are offered in clips as well as a single movie. Both play smoothly, the MPEGs the tiniest bit smoother than the WMVs.

Video quality is pretty nice. In terms of shooting, these look very professional: great camera work, nice composition, clear image, and top notch lighting. The files themselves seem a little soft and a bit over-compressed, but they still look quite good at normal view. The MPEG looks better in clarity and color, and it's physically larger, and it can double-size and full screen better than the WMV (which can do it, but gets digitized). Sound is almost non-existent on the actual shoot, but what is there is quiet yet clear.

Each episode also has a photo set, making for 110 galleries currently on this site. Each set has roughly 100 to 140 photos. These pics are amazing quality, real pro work, perfect clarity and lighting, great composition, lots of detail. Photos are 834x1280 and around 200 to 400k a piece. Each set has 2 zip file options: either the entire set in a single zip file, or just that specific page's photos in a zip file.

Bonus content starts with access to 10 sites on their network of various niches and similar quality. There's actually 32 sites total in the network, 1 of which is a similar insertion theme, and what they do is give you access to 2 more network sites for every month you've been a member. The actual "bonus content" page has tons of live cam girl links, these are somewhere between bonus and advertisements though.

Negatives starts with the server as at times it seems to bog down. Also, while good quality, the vids aren't really "DVD-quality". Using the pics page is a little annoying, photos appear in a pop-up window that needs to be maximized to navigate, and the gallery itself scrolls back up to the top. Finally, there's a problem with an item on the bonus content page, at the bottom is a video vault type of site with 561 more vids, but it doesn't work from this page - it does from a few of the others in the network.

With an easy-to-use members area, weekly updates, attractive and horny models, and over 100 great-looking videos and photo sets, there's a lot to like about Flexy Pussy. There's also 10 bonus sites right out the gate plus more the longer you stay a member. True, the server is a little slow, and the videos are good but not "DVD-quality" as claimed, but drawbacks here are few. Bottom line, there's lots of good-looking content and it updates regularly, so Flexy Pussy gets a strong recommendation.

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