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First Time Auditions

Reviewed on 02/04/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 8.0

Main: Amateur

3 Day Trial: $4.95
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
How do girls get into porn? On the First Time Auditions tour they say that the girls come to audition for what they think will be modeling for TV or commercials. If they're cute, they discover they can make more money faster if they do more. And the ones who let themselves be convinced to suck a cock get the job - they get paid and get a mouth full of cock. I've seen audition sites before and I love 'em. I love seeing those amateur girls go all the way hoping to get a modeling job. So let's check out the member area of First Time Auditions and see what they have to offer.

When I entered the member area of First Time Auditions, the first thing that caught my eye was the latest update near the top of the page. It's on a different color background than the rest of the page to make it stand out. The only thing above it is the site navigation links. Below the latest update are preview thumbs with names and dates added to the site for 19 girls plus a View All link. Scroll a little further to see all 16 of the bonus sites that First Time Auditions members get access to. And last are links to some live feeds and some advertisements.

There are currently 102 girls' auditions on First Time Auditions, each one with pics and videos. Click any girl's thumb and you are taken to a page with links to her pics and videos as well as info about her shoot.

Each girl's movie is in 3 parts. Click any part and you are taken to a page with listings for video clips, each showing a thumb with links under it to both dialup and broadband WMVs and also an MPG. Under the preview thumbs you will find a link to the entire section of the movie if you'd prefer to watch the entire video at once instead of in clips.

The broadband WMVs are fair quality but lack sharpness. Most of the videos stream at 368k and are shown at a screen size of 352x240. The newest WMVs are bigger and better, streaming at around 547k and shown at 480x320. The MPGs are better quality, and most look pretty good even if you enlarge them to 200%. The videos load nice and quickly and have good sound - even the dialup clips.

Let's talk about pics. Every audition on First Time Auditions comes with pics, and they are amateur quality high-res stills. There are plenty of pics of each girl and the pics are good sized. The pics usually cover the entire interview and all the sex to the very end.

The girls in the videos are cute and sexy and they really do seem to be amateurs. On the other hand, these girls aren't exactly difficult to convince to do porn. I'd think your average amateur would need a lot faster talking to get her to get naked and fuck when she came in to audition for a swimsuit ad. But these girls do mostly look happy to be sucking cock, and that's a big plus when watching the videos. First Time Auditions has a new girl auditioning each week.

Besides a great collection of amateur auditions, First Time Auditions has some really hot bonus sites offering way over 1000 full amateur porn movies. Most of them update every week, so that means members get freshly updated porn every single day as well as a new audition every week.

First Time Auditions has a lot to offer. There are plenty of movies and pics, all good amateur quality and fast to load. The movies all include cute first-time amateurs being auditioned and lots of sex. Besides that, there are the bonus sites with tons more hardcore movies. There are some free sample videos on the tour if you want to get an idea of what the girls are like, so why not head over to First Time Auditions!

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