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Reviewed on 2007-03-18 by Frank




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The first thing that occurs to me is that it is about time that someone created such a site. It was interesting to watch the hand job niche emerge and grow a few years back and at the time I though the female equivalent of that would be a seller; you know, guys masturbating girls. Beyond seeing this type of activity in scores of Japanese movies I have seen very little of that sort of thing with western girls, unless you consider the squirting movies to be in the same category and I don’t. So I am very happy to see a site trying there hand at this under exploited niche and am very curious to see how they do. The introductory text on the tour succinctly sums up what the site is about. "Welcome to Finger Till Cum! As the name suggests, we find fresh hot girls that appear innocent and angelic, and insert our fingers in their pussies till they are wet and horny. We finger them faster till they start enjoying it and end with an orgasm full of cum." That is one of the things that I enjoy about such scenes in Japanese movies, the orgasms are real and I suspect and hope the same will be true of this site. Scanning the scenes presented in the tour, the majority of them show girls squirting. And though this is a movie site there are no video trailers in the tour. My expectations are low as I enter the site.

The site is one of many bonus sites in Suck My Dick Now. When you finally find it there are 34 pages of girls being fingered, four scenes to a page. I search through all 34 pages looking for the images I saw in the tour that shows guys fingering the girls. I find nothing that matches the tour page save four scenes that feature girls wearing the same kind of t-shirts as girls in the tour. All the rest of the scenes are girls fingering themselves or being fingered by others. And fingering is perhaps not the right work since a lot of dildos seem to be involved. Let’s say this is essentially a lesbian site. At this stage, my initial low expectation of this site is proving right. What a disappointment. I periodically run across these sites that seem to be operated by cognitively challenged individuals. I wonder what kind of thinking goes into creating a tour that has virtually nothing to do with the site.

On page 33 I click on Brit, a cute, young-looking brunette. I can either stream the movie or download it. The download is very rapid at 523 kb/s. The video is only available in one size at one speed and one format, MPG. Video quality is good on a 320x240 pixel screen. Brit’s video shows her all alone on her bed masturbating. It’s an okay video but it sure isn’t a girl getting fingered. I next download Peggy and Suzanne from page one. The video again plays on a 320x240 screen and the quality seems about the same as Brit’s video. This is a straight lesbian scene and though there is some fingering, the emphasis is really girl on girl sex with lots of tongue work. Again the video is okay but it has nothing to do with the theme of the site which clearly gave the impression that this was going to be about guys fingering girls.

I download one of the videos with a girl wearing a "finger till cum .com" t-shirt. Finally a video that shows the kind of content the tour claims. This scene has Sandra and some guy who joins her on her bed and does proceed to finger her until she cums. I guess I have been spoiled by having recently reviewed a Japanese site called Japan 18 Movies that does this so much better. There is no tease here, no seduction, and no eroticism. It seems so mechanical.

Finger Till Cum is a site I cannot recommend. It purports to be a site wherein guys finger girls until they cum. There are only 4 videos in which this happens. And it happens in a manner that is too mechanical and un-erotic for my liking. The rest of the site has either solo girls pleasuring themselves or lesbians pleasuring each other. I continue to be astonished by the webmasters who create tours that have so little to do with the actual content of their sites. We should reward them by staying away from such sites.

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