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Feet Frenzy

Reviewed on 12/25/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 7.0

Main: Foot fetish

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

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First Impression:
I like the logo text. "Feet Frenzy, Feet Lovers Must Enter!" It seems so appropriate. My introduction to foot fetishism began with my good friend Mistress Vanisha. I attend fetish nights at her play parties at Club Montreal Fetish. Some of the parties are devoted to worshipping the feet of the Mistresses. That is why the logo struck me as so appropriate. "Feet Lovers Must Enter!" It sounds like the command of a Mistress and every foot lover I have so far encountered seems to be a submissive role player. I guess it goes rather naturally with being on all fours or on your belly kissing the feet of your Mistress. I must say it was an eye opener to me. I never really got as far as the feet on the list of female body parts I was into worshiping until one day when I was working the camera on a foot fetish video shoot with Mistress Vanisha and I looked for the first time at her feet. She has beautifully shaped small feet and as an experienced model she knows how to point her toes and show her feet in the best light. A light went on. I could see the beauty in a well-turned foot. It was interesting talking to some of these foot lovers and learning what first drew them in a sexual way to women’s foot. It was usually an early childhood experience with the feet of an adult woman, mom or aunty, that sort of thing. When you are a small child is not the adult world really a world of feet. I think lovers of feet will enjoy the site’s tour where the link between pretty feet and sex is not unsubtle. The site is one of the many in the BrainCash network some of which, Like Christine Young, are very good.

Well this is a bit disappointing. There are only 20 videos on Feet Frenzy and because this is a pretty specific fetish none of the other sites in this multi-site network are going come close to offering the same content. The first movie I pick has a text that shows the webmaster is not in tune with the content of the site. The text emphasizes the woman’s breasts. I am expecting the worst but it begins well with older porn actor smelling and kissing the feet of three women. Only their feet are visible, poking out of a wall with labels attesting to their aromatic qualities. It is an amateurish but cute way to begin a foot fetish video. It is a nice fantasy to be able to worship feet anonymously and then select the owner of the feet to have sex with you. And the owner of this body is a buxom young thing who soon has our hero's cock firmly trapped between her two feet. There is some fucking that follows and the film finishes with him ejaculating on her pretty feet. The video can be viewed in parts as an mpg (650 kbps) or as a wmv (700 kbps) or as a full movie. The full version of the movie is large, 720x480 pixel, and very high quality (2 mbps).

The next video is even better. It takes place in a shoe store and the female shoe clerk has to try on shoes for a guy who is buying a present for his girl friend. It works really well as a vehicle to concentrate on her feet and of course there are lots of up skirt peeks at her panties. Soon the guy is not only appreciating the shoes but the feet that are in them and one thing leads to another and pretty quickly she has his cock out and is toying with it with her toes. After some vaginal and anal fucking that may or may not be of interest to the hard-core foot fetishist, she takes the load of cum he has just deposited on her feet and spreads it about like a lotion. I really like another video that takes place inexplicably in a jail cell with a slender blond dressed in red bikini panties and one black nylon. The guy almost swallows her tiny foot. He cums on her feet while licking her beautiful butt. All the videos here are nicely lit and definitely foot focused. I think the only disappointment foot lovers might have with the Foot Frenzy is that it does not yet have very much content.

Feet Frenzy is a website that foot fetishists will find favor with. The women are pretty and there is ample footage of foot worship. The video quality is excellent. The site really only disappoints in one area. There are just 20 videos on the site and there is no indication of how often the site will be updated. There are lots of bonus sites but they are not foot fetish oriented.

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