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Fast Times at NAU

Reviewed on 03/24/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 9
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 8.5

Main: Teen

3 Day Trial: $1.95
7 Day Trial: $4.95
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Fast Times at NAU offers us a fantasy university experience. This is the university experience many of us only dreamed of having. The tour has lots of trailers to give the surfer a really good idea of what they are going to find inside. I click on several of the trailers. I am struck by the care that has gone into editing the teaser. There is a cute introductory segment that brands the movie and then a nicely edited teaser that shows the essence of the movie. All the girls in all the trailers I looked at are young and quite believable as university co-eds. The movies are all well lit and that is something, unfortunately, one can't take for granted on many pay-sites. I also particularly like the variety of interesting visual angles the camera finds. I have reviewed several other naughty America sites and I have liked them all. This one looks as though it will live up to the high standards of the other sites in this franchise.

The members' area of Fast Times at NAU is a pretty non-descript affair as you can see from the screen capture. It is easy enough to navigate but leavings something to be desired in terms of eye appeal. It is rather disappointing after the impressive tour. I click on the message board link to see what that is all about. Whew, this is a popular site. The board has over 5000 members with 400 active members and has had as many as 147 members on line at the same time. As I surf through the threads I am amazed to see people with over 7000 posts. How long have they been members, I wonder? It was interesting to read the thread on how often members are getting laid. Not often it seems for most. I appreciate the honesty.

I head out to the videos and click on the link to Naomi. Naomi's page has a short narrative about how she deals with midterm blues - "drinking and dancing the nights away and sticking a big, black dick right in the middle of her pussy hole!" Just what the porn doctor ordered. The picture gallery has links (view pics), (hi-rez) and (hi-rez zip). The view pics link leads to 640 x 480 pixel video captures from the movie. The hi-rez pics are digital photos but are surprisingly small, in the 400x 600 pixel-size range. The full video is offered in (dsl) (56k) and (mpeg). The dsl link streams the video and the mpeg link downloads it. The movie is also available in four, five minute clips either as downloads (mpeg), or as streaming video (wmv).

The videos streamed and downloaded rapidly. Naomi is my kind of girl. She is a dark-haired beauty with large natural breasts and a pretty, shaved pussy. I love the POV shot where she is kneeling in front of a very big black cock her back arched and the her thong clearly visible above the shorts clinging tightly to her very attractive butt. The video has lots of great angles and close-ups of the action. The movie finishes with a cum shot to the face and then the guy taking off to see his real girl friend. I personally don't like these kinds of endings where the girl is basically shit on by the guy. I think it speaks poorly of men, both that we are represented in this way, or that we want to see women treated this way.

The other movies I check out feature lovely looking young women with natural breasts. The dialogue setting up the shoots is acceptable. This is actually a very positive statement because so much dialogue in porn is almost comical. These girls come across as natural, intelligent and horny. At the bottom of the page is an ill-defined area that contains 6 chapters. Chapter 4 for example is labelled Frat Life. I click on the link to Paige, Zane, Nicole and Dwayne # 3. I have no clue what to expect and the only hint given is a short narrative that says. "It's double trouble when 2 frat boys get away with cheating on there girlfriends." I chose the dsl full video and right click to save it to my hard drive. The video is presented as a serial starting with a" last time on Naughty U" with excerpts from the previous session. The video was ok featuring two young couples sucking and fucking but the "previously on"" episode looked hotter.

Fast Times at NAU lives up to the high standards of other Naughty America sites. The girls are young and fresh and sexy and engaging. The video action is hot and varied and the girls are enthusiastic in their enjoyment of the sex. The camera angles are creative and contribute to the erotic enjoyment of the movie. The content is all exclusive and there is lots of it. Plus members get access to 10 other high quality Naughty America sites. I am happy to give "Fast Times at NAU" a very positive recommendation. It does porn proud. This is the way sex videos should be shot, hot people having fun.

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