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Fantasy Girl Brooke

Reviewed on 06/23/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 9
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 7.3

Main: Porn stars
Additional: Single model

1 Month: $29.99
3 Months: $59.99

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Today's review is of Fantasy Girl Brooke. This is the official site of pornstar Brooke Banner, so this is a solo girl hardcore site. Brooke is a blonde centerfold/glamour model type, and there's lots of her on the tour. Ultimately with this kind of site, your decision about joining the site will have more to do with the star of the site than this review, but I'll review here anyway because you should know what to expect. The tour promises weekly updates, behind-the-scenes coverage, a diary and forums, and access to 7 sites.

The members area is clean, well-organized, and easy to use. Some might feel it's a little on the basic side, but I'll take that over a big mess any day. Navigation is a link bar near the top of every page. There are no ads anywhere and everything is easy to find.

Brooke Banner is the star of the site, so you might want to know a little more about her. She's 5' 8" so she's fairly tall for porn. She's also blonde, cute, sports several notable tattoos, and has natural tits. Speaking of which, her bio says she's a 34D, but because she's not augmented and not short, her bust fits her frame differently than other porn models of similar breast size, and thus on her is not quite as big an immediate impact. In terms of action, currently a third of the videos are guy-girl sex and a couple are lesbian, the rest are solo. The vids run from around 5 to 15 minutes each.

There are currently 17 regular videos on this site, plus another 8 behind-the-scenes videos. Updates come in about once a week, but it's not totally regular, sometimes it's 10 days apart, and sometimes only photos are added that week.

Videos come in WMV format, but Bill Gates is rich because nearly every computer has his software to play that movie format. Some videos are around 720x396 and about 1100 kbps bitrate, while others are smaller at around 500x280 and 600 kbps, and still others are the same bitrate but 400x300. Most can go to double-size or even fullscreen and look pretty good. And each video offers a smaller version, as well. Playback on the larger vids is smooth, while the smaller versions have some stutter occasionally. All vids are downloadable.

Video quality is porn-professional level lighting, composition, and color. Some of the vids are a little dimly lit, but this is more about mood. The behind-the-scenes vids are ok but by comparison aren't as good, that's the nature of behind-the-scenes though. Sound is sometimes fine and sometimes turned way down, but on those there is something to hear if you turn up enough.

There are currently 51 photo sets here as well. Each gallery has about 75 to 100 photos. Photos are about 680x1024 or 853x1280 and around 150 to 250kb a piece. These are pro-quality photos, great clarity, lighting, composition. The sets offer zip files to download all the pictures at once, and have something I've never seen before, a low-resolution version of the gallery.

There's also the diary and forums, though right now both of these have only a couple entries even though they've been around for 2 months. There's also access to 6 other sites in the network which you can find from the main page.

Negatives starts off with inconsistent updates, sometimes the updates aren't on time and sometimes the week has no new video. Then there's diary with just 2 entries and the nearly empty forums. Also, and this is far from the only site guilty on this one, but I'd like to see consistent sizes of the videos.

Fantasy Girl Brooke is an easy to use website inside and Brooke herself is a very attractive porn girl, though less than half of her content here is hardcore. There's not a lot of content yet, and updates aren't as regular as I'd like. But the videos look good, and there's a decent number of fine photo sets. Ultimately, Fantasy Girl Brooke is a mixed review, the site could have more and doesn't have enough personality-driven material, but there's enough here so that if Brook turns you on, I can recommend checking the site out.

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