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Facial Abuse

Reviewed on 03/30/2007 by Relentless

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.8

Main: Extreme

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $69.00

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
This site is more about the degradation of its female stars than it is about their sexuality. Walking the fine line between eroticism and abuse, the producers cobble together a twisted brand of smut that will have a solid place in the dark hearts of their loyal fans while causing nothing but outrage in people who are not attracted to their unique attempts at charming them.

The site itself is about as basic as it could be. Simple vertical columns showing a single picture, a link to the picture set for each update and a link to the video for each update as well. There is nothing fancy about the layout of this barebones interface. It almost has the feeling of a dentist’s waiting room where they know you are not there to see pretty pictures on the wall so they don’t bother hanging any.

There are over 90 updates in the site archives so far. Some have no high-res pictures and others have hundreds in 1024x768 resolution. Newer updates tend to have extensive picture sets so it appears they are moving more in the direction of offering them. The video updates are uncommonly long; some are over an hour of video footage in length! Each is offered in streaming or downloadable formats and segmented 56k versions of these scenes are made available as well.

The quality from one update to the next is consistently good. These are not high-res videos by any stretch of the imagination but the broadband formats are definitely large enough and clear enough to support the content being provided. After all, if you are watching these particular movies it is for their subject matter, not because you are a photography critic. What makes this site worth the price of admission is not the quality of their camerawork but the rarity of the kind of content they provide. This site truly pushes the envelope of good taste.

Facial Abuse does not offer any kind of trial membership but given the large archive of previous updates, the frequent updates that continue to be included and the large quantity of quality bonus feeds provided you will have plenty to watch for at least one entire month. Also, as a member of this site you get access to all of the other sites on their network which are introduced on their site tour as well.

While many other sites use words like "extreme" or "hardcore" to describe the kinds of things that happen in most people’s bedrooms, Facial Abuse provides video of acts that most people would shy away from. The pre-sex interviews, during-sex spoken banter and post-sex wrap-up chat are all aimed at making the females in these scenes feel as low and unequal to their male counterparts as possible... and it is done with a great deal of success (if success if what one would call it). Girls crying their way through to the end of their scene or looking entirely uncomfortable with their decision to be present is not at all uncommon.

The girls featured on this site are a mixture of first time performers, fresh faces and a sprinkle of better known starlets like Arianna Jolie. The sets used are sparse, almost warehouse-like and they add a dark and dreary flavor to each scene effectively. There aren’t any camera tricks, fancy lighting or other bells and whistles used... just two guys and a cameraman making use of a woman until she is pressed right up against her breaking point.

If you are not specifically looking to watch girls being degraded I urge you to signup on some other site, if on the other hand you recently broke up with your girlfriend and would like a bit of vengeance to fantasize about, then this may be exactly what your cock has in mind.

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