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Exploited Teens

Reviewed on 07/24/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 9
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 9
Overall: 8.1

Main: Teen

1 Month: $29.95
2 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Something I see for the first time. On the warning page of Exploited Teens, beside the links to Enter or Leave the site, there is a link to "Blog"! Blogs are the thing now for promoting web-sites but this is the first pay-site I have seen with a blog as part of its promotional tour. There is a weekly update of the blog that corresponds to the weekly update on the site. This site has been around since 2002 and there are blog entries back to its beginnings. Pictures and a trailer that you can download accompany each text. This week's update we are told features something new. While every other shoot has been point of view (POV), this week he is using a cameraperson. He goes on to add, "Notice how I didn't say "cameraman" (Heh-Heh!)."

I visited this site a number of years ago when he was shooting the same models I was at the time. He had lots of cute teen models and a great gimmick. In the promos of the time he lured the girls with the promise of a modeling career or some such, the memory fades. Although once inside he was a mild mannered guy, like a kid in a candy shop playing with these sweetie's candies. I liked the girls but detested his 30-60 second clips. There were no full versions of the movies available. But it was his endless repetitive banal banter that finally drove me from the site. I am not expecting much to have changed in spite of the "historic" announcement of something new. I looked at the first 5 trailers in his blog and they opened with exactly the same pan from flowered hotel bed-covering up a leg to the full body shot of this week's victim and the exact same greeting, word for word. And something I had forgotten, he has one of those American accents that to my tender Canadian ears, grates like chalk on a blackboard. Arghh. I can't stop the shivers going up and down my back. The tour is pretty impressive though. Yes, in addition to the blog there is a huge multi-page tour with lots of pictures. The links to the tour trailers do not work however.

The tour is the site. Everything you see in the tour is in the site. Click on a girl and a page of her thumbnails opens up. There can be forty of them or more, one for each clip. The clips average around 1 minute but I discovered that some of the earlier clips are 30 seconds in duration. There is only one option. Right click and save the file to your hard drive. All the videos are 320x240 pixels. I click on the Mia. She looks so cute. I never knew the guy's name. It is Mike apparently and why am I not surprised he calls his dick little Mike. Could have been worse; he could have called it Mini Mike. It is four years since I have been here and he is saying the same thing to these girls as he was then. Here's another one he is ready to marry. Man I wish he would shut up. If you have nothing new to say don't say anything. The guy in Exploited Black Teens knows enough to keep his mouth shut but this must be this guy's way of dealing with his nerves. He was totally not able to maintain his erection during Mia's video. He blames it on her fingernails. Whatever. A short fat erect dick is not very pretty at the best of times, but shrunk up on itself, waving about as he tries pathetically to get it hard, is not a pretty sight.

I flip through the site sampling girls here and there and occasionally turning the volume on to hear just how inane this guy can be and as quickly turning the volume down. There are now over 250 girls on the site. Some have gone on to careers in the adult business and you may recognize them. Most of the girls are fresh and "newish" to the business when he gets them. Everything is quite predictable in his shoots including each videos finale, him masturbating on the girls face, whether she likes it or not. Although Mia wouldn't let him do it even when he said he would let her piss on him if she would let him jack off on her face. In the early videos he never fucks the girls. In the later ones he will when he can. I grow very bored quickly of the sameness of each shoot. Even with the sound turned down it is always the same fat dick. Some may appreciate the total predictability of each girls shoot.

Exploited Teens has been around a long time and has amassed a huge amount of content through regular weekly updates. The girls are young and fresh and often very cute and sometimes stunningly beautiful. Mike is the sole person to interact with the girls. He plays with their breasts, pokes at their pussies and anuses, sticks he cock in their mouths and occasionally fucks them. He always jerks off on their faces. Throughout the shoot he babbles incessantly. Turning the sound off helps. The movies are divided in to one-minute clips. They can be saved to your hard drive. No full movies are available.

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