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Reviewed on 2006-07-24 by Frank




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I just finished reviewing Exploited Black Teens, a site I liked a lot, so I am expecting good things from Exploited Moms and wondering when I am going to see Exploited White Middle-Aged Businesswomen. The site claims to be the only place on the net that features totally (emphasis in bold theirs) amateur 40 yr old plus woman getting stuffed full of 10-inch dick. They say they have hundreds of soccer moms. "You won't find any silly plots, no corny dialog just true HARDCORE amateur footage of real swingers and housewives romping away with some serious Mandingo meat!" LOL. Mandingo meat, I guess this is big black cock fucking MILF's site. The first MILF in the tour is Cara Lott. Some of you will be old enough to remember her as a porn star fairly well known some 20-25 years ago. I must say she looks fantastic. In fact she looks better than I remember her and obviously has been working out to have acquired such a toned body. There are seven pages to the tour with lots of pictures and movie trailers you can download. The women come in all shapes and sizes and have only one thing in common, they are all older than 40. I love a site where they lay out everything in the tour so that you know exactly what you are going to get if you chose to become a member. My opinion is almost superfluous, but I am going to give it anyway ;-)

The member's area is set up simply. A large thumbnail links to this week's update and below that another large thumbnail links to next week's update. Descending the page I find the link to the rest of the exploited mom's videos and below that are links to the bonus sites, Exploited Black Teens, Exploited Teens, and Black Teen Seeker. I have seen the first two sites. Out of curiosity I click on Black Teen Seeker. My user name and pass word will not work. They do work however on the other two bonus sites. There is a problem here the Webmaster needs to correct. There are 24 pages of exploited moms videos, 4 videos to a page. When I reviewed Exploited Black Teens they said they had over 150 black teens and it turned out they had well over 200. The Exploited Moms tour says they have 100s of soccer moms. If every single one of the moms here is a soccer mom, that makes a total of 96 soccer moms. Just when I thought I could begin to trust again what a tour says I have been brought back to reality. Still 96 videos is a lot of content and combined with the bonus content that should have been plenty to brag about in the tour. So why lie?

I click on Darien Ross and then I click on her video. Silly me I keep forgetting that you have to right click and save these videos to your hard drive to view them. Darien is an attractive woman. She is the first of many women with augmented breasts on the site. A lot of these women look like former dancers so I guess that explains the artificial boobs. Hers do have a reasonably natural look. The video is large, 720x480 pixels. Her clips vary in duration with the average being 2 min 30 sec. That explains why it takes so long to download. The files are huge. I get into hearing about Darien's swinging sex life. She is a very open woman. I find her nervous laughter enduring. The guy she is having hot sex with might well have a 10-inch dick. It sure looks big. It is disappointing that the clip for the big climax is fucked up. I download it a second time. Yep it is fucked up. Another problem the Webmaster needs to correct. On page 24 I click on Nicole Moore. It resembles more an iTunes visualizer product. There is no description of Nicole, as there is none for any of the other women. She is however a beautiful blond with terrific natural breasts who has an incredibly energetic sex scene with a young black dude who maybe has a 7-inch dick. Her video, unlike the first I looked at, is only 360x240 pixels and each clip is longer in duration, averaging 3 minutes.

There are lots of interesting and erotic movies on this site. Although the Exploited Moms tour exaggerates the number of moms on the site there are still over 90 movies with a new one being added each month. Members, in theory, have access to 3 bonus sites. I could only get into two of them. Movies are only available in mpeg format and you must wait for the download to complete before viewing. All movies are divided into clips varying in duration from two to three minutes. No full versions of the movies are available.

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