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Exploited Black Teens

Reviewed on 07/24/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 9
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 9
Overall: 8.3

Main: Black
Additional: Teen

1 Month: $29.99
2 Months: $49.99

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Several years back I joined a site called exploited teens to see a number of my models that had shot with the guy. It was a site where some chubby dude with a short dick played with girls and then apologized for cumming on their face. Some of the girls were really cute. Unfortunately the site itself quickly became boring. It was always the same guy with the same incredibly irksome banal banter, always doing the same thing in the same order. For a while it seemed to be promoted everywhere. Now we have "Exploited Black Teens". I wonder if it is the same guy branching out? The text in the site's tour says that it is "the undisputed biggest black teen site ever... with over 150 exclusive black teen movies" Is it the same guy doing this site? I can't tell from the pictures and there are no video trailers, which seems inappropriate for a site that promotes itself as a video site. Maybe that's because it has "Hi-quality movies you can save to your hard drive". Which means they are probably only mpegs and don't stream. Still they could put up some trailers and tell people to have patience and right click and save them to their hard drive. Nevertheless, there are lots of images on the tour, giving us a good idea of what's inside. The girls look yummy. Let's go in a check out this self-proclaimed "Mother of all black teen sites". Oh Saddam, what you have wrought.

There is some prattle and piffles and the home page but I ignore that head to the Model Index. There are presently 39 pages of models on the site with 6 models to the page. You do the math. There are well over 200 black teen girls here. This is the mother of all black teen sites. So many of these girls are really cute. On page 1 I click on Jasmine. There are 39 thumbnails of Jasmine each linked to a video. I click the first one. It only takes me a few seconds to realize that I will have to wait a while before it streams. I right click and save it to my hard drive and wander back to the home page to scan the prattle. Hmm they have an interesting way to say they only offer movies as mpegs, " incorporates the use of Real Video, QuickTime, and Windows Media to bring you a rich visual experience using audio, video, and interactivity." Not sure what they mean by "interactivity". You can use your player controls with the movie? Is that it?

My movie has downloaded quickly enough. It is 320x240 pixels and the quality is okay. Jasmine is a pretty girl who is a dancer and prefers sex with men to sex with women. She figures why waste time playing with something she already has. She will dance for the women that come in with their husbands. The guy interviewing her sounds different then the guy from exploited teens. The clips are only 1 minute long and download quickly enough but what a pain in the ass. Why not offer customers the complete video? Keep the clips for those that want to sample here and there but give the whole video as an option. I did not like this about Exploited Teens and I don't like it here. At least the guy is different. When her surgically enhanced breasts pop out I head back to the model index. There are some big black porn names here. One that I recognize is Lacey Duvall. The newest up-dates are in a larger format, 640x360 pixels and the quality is really good. As bandwidth costs come down more paysites are switching to large format video presentations. Played at full screen it is like watching your television.

I flit about. It is always the same circumcised white dude. He fucks the girls (didn't see a lot of that on Exploited Teens). Some he even fucks some anally. While most scenes are he alone, there are scenes with two girls and three girls. He is creative with his video angles, at least as creative as one can be when fucking while holding a camera. He also keeps the banal chitchat to a minimum. If I call the guy from the original Exploited Teens "Banal Banter Boy" I call this guy "Bouncy Boy". He is often too ambitious in the variety of positions he attempts which makes the video choppy. But hey, full marks for trying. Every scene except one I look at ends with a facial, and a few of the girls definitely do not like it. On the home page there are "Coming Soon" notices behind links to "Message Board" and extras. One bonus you do get now is the original Exploited Teens.

Exploited Black Teens claims to be the biggest black teen site on the net. I can't say if that is true or not but it does have a huge amount of content. There are over 200 black teen movies now and the site updates consistently every week. All the movies are broken into clips that range from a minute to about 2 minutes. They are only available as mpeg files and can be saved to your hard drive. No full versions of the movies are offered. As a bonus you get the original Exploited Teens with even shorter mpeg clips.

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