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Eve Angel

Reviewed on 05/16/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 9
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 8.3

Main: Porn stars

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95
6 Months: $89.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Eve Angel is a sexy hungarian model and pornstar with her very own website. Her bio is included in her tour so you can read all about her, including her real life as well as the magazines she has appeared in and the movies she's done. Eve doesn't do hardcore in her site but you can see plenty of her posing, playing with dildos and with her girlfriends. Her site looks well-done from the outside and has me wanting to see more, so let's head off to the member area of Eve Angel.

I think the most outstanding feature of Eve Angel is that the site updates EVERY day, which is pretty cool if you hate to wait for new pics and videos. And it really is EVERY day - the member area is done in monthly calendars so you can browse by month, and last month there were 14 videos added to Eve Angel and 16 pic sets. Something else I like about the calendar format is that some of the not-yet-added content has a preview thumb that's sort of colored over, and those have actual previews when you click them.

The pic sets inside Eve Angel are of Eve or her girlfriends - or sometimes Eve playing with some of her girlfriends. What's special about the sets is that you can see each pic in high rez, low rez or you can send your favorites to your mobile phone. You can download any photo sets you really like as zip files and you can also save to favorites if there are sets you would like to see again later. You can also select AUTOPLAY on any pic and you will see the set as a hands-free slideshow.

Something else worth mentioning is these are BIG pics - the smaller pics are large and the hi rez pics are the biggest I've ever seen in a site. The low rez pics are 653x980, and Eve Angel doesn't skimp on the quality. The lower rez photos are around 200k each and the high rez pics, shown at a staggering 1362x2048, are often over 700k. I'm telling you, this is the good stuff!

The photography is usually good amateur to pro-am quality and these are some sexy pics. Eve is a wonderful model who does mouth-watering and sensous centerfold pics. For the most part, although not always, Eve saves the dildo penetration and pussy closeups for her videos - so let's go check those out!

The movies inside Eve Angel are very good quality for each size and come in your choice of WMV or Quicktime, which are my two favorite formats. Each comes in 3 qualities - 384k, 768k and an impressive 1500k. The 384 and 768k videos you can watch on a player on a webpage or you can download them from that page or stream them in your Windows Media Player or Quicktime player if you choose.

The 384k WMVs are displayed at a screen size of 320x309, the 768k WMVs are 400x369 but the definite standout here are the 1500k videos. Shown at 640x480, these are very good quality videos with very good sound. They look pretty good at full screen, too. While you may notice that sometimes the videographer didn't perfectly light the scene, if you love girls with dildos and with other girls, these are videos you'll be happy to save and watch again and again.

The Quicktime videos are shown at similar sizes although I found the quality wasn't quite as good as the WMVs. You will notice what's called artifacting on the videos, which means areas where you will see blurry pixels. Overall if you have Quicktime these videos are amateur to good amateur quality, but if you have Media Player I'd recommend you go for the WMVs.

Beside the pics, the videos and the daily updates, Eve Angel includes a forum, her bio - unlike other pornstars, Eve talks about her real life. And linked from her bio (found on About Me) you will find Eve's blog. Eve's blog is very cool as it includes behind the scenes stuff from her photo shoots plus pics she takes throughout her day. You can see pics of buildings in Europe, pics of Eve eating pizza, and shots from her vacations. She tells us about what she's been up to, and I think this is one of the better diaries I've seen. There are a total of 21 blog entries and I really enjoyed them.

One thing worth mentioning is that Eve Angel is not a good site for dialup users. 200k pics and 700k high rez pics would be annoying, and even the 384k movies would be quite a wait on 56k, although they're just right for people on slower broadband as are the lower rez pics.

Eve Angel definitely has a lot to offer. Beside the daily updates, which I definitely like, her site offers over 300 archived updates. The pics are big and very good quality, the videos are good quality and you get to choose speed and format. And Eve's bio, forum and blog keep us more involved with her. If you love sexy girls who do solo centerfold and dildo stuff plus soft lesbian shoots, I would definitely recommend a visit to Eve Angel!

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