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Europe Hotties

Reviewed on 10/04/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 8.1

Main: Euro
Additional: Group sex

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

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First Impression:
The full name of this site is Pierre Woodman presents Europe Hotties. Those of you familiar with the Internet porn scene will recognize the name Pierre Woodman. He enjoyed a long relationship with Hustler, shooting videos and pictures. His videos are available as part of the Hustler Plug-ins that are so commonly a part of the bonus material on many adult sites. I must confess I have always found his films highly erotic but have been frustrated by the very small format that the videos are delivered in. So even if this site just has the same videos but in a larger format it could still be of interest. There is only one trailer on the tour. It is not large, 352x240 pixels. The images on the tour depict the kind of video that Monsieur Woodman is famous for, very beautiful women, beautifully made up, fucked in every orifice by a minimum of two guys but more usually three guys and sometime four and even five guys. Double penetration, vaginal and anal is an absolute must of every scene, which always finishes with each of the multiple guys coming in the girl’s mouth. And every one of Pierre Woodman’s models always seems to be most happy to receive these generous donations of DNA, the scene fading out to black with a big smile on her spermy face. I am hoping that the content here is not going to be just recycled stuff from his Hustler products. Keeping my fingers crossed I enter the site hoping for the best.

The first thing to point out is that this is one of many sites in the BrainCash network of excellent adult sites like the very popular Christine Young and Real Squirt where you can see my very favorite Asian Model Sunny Lee. They call her Yumi Lee here. But I digress. I proceed directly to the Europe Hotties content. There are 31 Woodman videos. The videos are broken into segments and can be streamed and downloaded as WMV files or downloaded as MPGs. There is also a full WMV version available. The link to Pictures will take you to a set of video captures that really are only good for giving you an idea of whether you want to see the video.

The videos are very similar in format to those I have seen in the Hustler plug-ins but are larger and brighter at 480x360 pixels and 700 kbps. I love the way Woodman sets up most of his shoots. He begins with a close up of the girl’s face, her eyes, in particular. She poses in the way one would for a still shoot. She may dance and sway seductively while the intro music plays. The music stops and then we hear Pierre interacting with the model. The women are usually Czech, Hungarian, Russian or some other eastern European origin. He gets them to disrobe, fondles their ample natural breasts tweaking their nipples before descending to their already moist pussies. The girl is then made to kneel on all fours before him and spread her cheeks so that he can insert a finger or thumb into her asshole or pussy or both. While finger fucking her asshole he calls her slut and pute and putain and chienne in his heavily accented slimy voice. His trademark is to take his fingers out of her ass and insert them into her mouth, which she in turn sucks enthusiastically as though receiving some sweet offering.

Having warmed up the model thusly the males arrive, first one, than the other, then the third. In the sites most recent update, Nina receives the attention of 5 guys and yes all 5 eventually come in her mouth. She gives us that happy spermy smile we can count on in Woodman girl. Woodman has a crew of guys whom he relies on for these shoots so we see the same faces and cocks frequently. There are only 31 videos and they are pure Woodman. I did not see one video that I could recall having seen before and I have seen a lot of Woodman videos.

I was a little concerned before entering the site that the content might simply be retreads from the Woodman Hustler plug-ins we see as bonus material on so many sites. I did not recognize any as familiar. The size of the videos is larger then any Woodman video you might have seen in the Hustler material, yet they deliver the same highly energetic and imaginative multiple partner action that we have come to expect in a Woodman shoot. The girls are beautiful. They seem to revel in double penetrations and facials. There are 31 videos on the site. This is not a huge amount of content but it is augmented by all the excellent additional sites that you get access to with your membership to Europe Hotties.

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