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Euro City Life

Reviewed on 02/24/2007 by Basschick

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 6.6

Main: Euro

3 Day Trial: $2.99 (recurs at $29.99)
1 Month: $24.87
3 Months: $49.87

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Euro City Life is a site featuring a variety of European babes in all sorts of hardcore porn. The tour shows us European flags, talks about Europe and shows us presumably European girls sucking cocks, in lesbian threesomes and using fingers and dildos to masturbate. The tour page promises us blazing fast servers, access to several bonus sites plus "A brand new, exclusive EURO BABE fucked, EVERY WEEK." That's an interesting claim since half the content on their tour is solo. Let's take a look in the member area of Euro City Life and see what we can see.

As I clicked to the login page, a single popup console opened up. It wasn't a real problem, but it's very rare I see a popup as I enter a member area.

When you log into the member area of Euro City Life, you are taken to the updates page. At the top of the page are links to help you navigate around the site and below that is site news. Underneath is the latest update on the left, bonus sites on the right. And below this are the video updates, hardcore on the left and softcore on the right. These are followed by the photo updates and the bonus sites again. At the bottom of the page is an ad and various billing and customer service links. There are no dates on any of the updates, so it's hard to say when or if the site updates.

If you're looking for glimpses of life in Europe along with your porn, you'll probably be disappointed here. If, however, you are looking for chicks getting fucked, in 3somes and in lesbian encounters as well as in solo videos, read on.

There are currently 36 videos in Euro City Life - 18 hardcore and 18 softcore. The videos are offered at 320x240, a little on the small side for my taste these days but not bad. Quality ranges from sharp and clear to amateur and all the movies played smoothly. Each video can be downloaded as a full MPG video or in 2 different sets of clips as WMVs. If you want the shorter clips, when you get to a video's page, click the number 1 under the words Small Vids on the upper right. All movies can be streamed or downloaded.

The action in the videos here is all over the map - there's no particular theme or focus, just plenty of fucking, sucking, 2somes and 3somes and Euro girls catching loads of cum. I didn't hear much speaking, either, but you can sort of tell some of the models in this site are probably European. One of the videos seemed pretty familiar to me as far as clothes, action and models, too, so I'm not sure if it's very similar to a video I've seen in other sites or if it is actually the same video.

There are a lot more pic sets than videos here - currently Euro City Life offers 769 pic sets including both solo and hardcore action. The photo screen sizes here range from 1105x721 to 798x1200. That means they're pretty big and will pretty much fill the screen of anyone in 1024x768. Quality was not consistent as the pics ranged from amateur to good quality depending on the set. Most of the pics are well-lit and well-framed, which means you can see what's going on, the models look good in the light used and members don't find themselves looking at pics that mostly show the wall or someone's elbow.

One thing about the pics - most model appears in multiple sets. What this usually means is that the photographer booked the model for a few hours, than shot multiple sets with her within a few hours. The clothes are different and so are the sets, so the sets don't get repetitious. BTW, all pic sets can be viewed as a thumbnailed gallery or as a hands-free slideshow by clicking any pic and using the controls at the top of the page.

In addition to the Euro City Life pics and videos, members get access to 5 bonus sites. These sites include teens, trailer trash, girls sucking cocks, Latinas and solo action. These are not third party rented bonus sites but are sites in the same network as Euro City Life, although the layouts of these sites are a little simpler to use.

Euro City Life doesn't actually show much of Europe but it does show plenty of pussy in action. Honestly nothing really stood out about this site for me - it's your regular porn site with a Euro theme. The pics are big and there are lots of them, some higher quality and some more amateur. The 36 videos are smallish, play fast and can be downloaded or streamed. Since there are no dates on the videos, I can't tell you how often the site updates. If you're looking for a large collection of high quality vids, you may want to look elsewhere but if you want tons of sets of hard and softcore pics, you should check out Euro City Life.

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