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Euro Bride Tryouts

Reviewed on 11/05/2006 by Bec

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.5

Main: Euro
Additional: Reality

3 Day Trial: $2.95
1 Month: $38.80
3 Months: $58.80

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Most reality sites have some sort of trick and seduce scenario, and Euro Bride Tryouts doesn’t stray from that premise. European women wanting to become brides to United States men, and gain US citizenship, willingly fuck and suck during their interviews. So do any of these women actually hear the strains of "here comes the bride" as they stroll down the flower-strewn aisle in flowing gowns of white?.. of course not! That'd totally ruin how these guys get laid week after week! But I digress.. let's checkout the member area and see just how hot (and desperate) these bride wannabes really are!

Log in and you'll see a member area that presents the newest update to Euro Bride Tryouts and a text table that's scrollable for updates across all 14 of's reality site offerings. Membership entitles you to full access to every one of these sites. That's a LOT of exclusive reality film content! Scroll down and you'll see thumbs and a description to every video/gallery update in the order of when it was added to the site. However, the actual date added is NOT specified. The only place you'll see that information is by scrolling down the update text box.

Scroll on past the thumbnails and you'll see screen capture tour images that take you off to any of the other sites: Right Off the Boat, Limo Patrol, Latina Caliente, Slut Seeker, Teen Hitchhikers, Big Tit Bangers, MILF Cruiser, Big Sausage Pizza, Hardcore Partying, 2 Chicks 1 Dick, Cheerleader Auditions, Girls Hunting Girls, Eat My Black Meat, and Nude Beach House.

Beyond that and you'll find links that take you to even more bonus material on nine feed sites that update weekly. These open in a new window and have clearly marked thumbs with video and picture links and show the date it was added. Whew talk about one stop wanking!

I also didn't see any upsell links whatsoever. Whatever you see on the member page is part of your membership, with full access privileges. What I DID see was a for real email address and a PHONE NUMBER to call if you need support or help with the site or membership issues! These guys are serious about taking care of their members!

So I scrolled back up and randomly clicked on one of the thumbnails. A page opens showing the same thumb, but bigger, and repeats the description and shows links to the photo pages. Below that are thumbs based on one minute increments with links for large or small files to stream the clip via Real Player (you can also right click these and do a "save target as"). Be prepared to enter your account info to activate these every time you try to stream. Scrolling further down, they also offer the movie in longer windows media clips that you can download. I did test the one minute versions in an AOL browser, and had no problems getting them to play. The ones I tested didn't have a music soundtrack, but did have audio of whatever is said, or moaned. Streaming clips aren't very big (320x240), but were of average to above average for quality, and range from 20 to 30 or more minutes each. At the time of this review, there were 59 video/photo selections available. Most are of one-on-one hardcore sex, but there are a few that feature 2 men and 1-woman scenarios. All the women are definitely hot looking and the men aren't too shabby either! And Euro doesn't mean all blondes... there's a nice array of redheads, brunettes and black haired beauties as well.

The photo galleries ranged from 100 to over 300 pics each. Photos are roughly 750x500 and decent for sharpness. Quite a few of them could use some attention by adjusting their brightness and fixing some color balance issues. They don't appear to be screencaps, but I can't swear that they aren't either.

Site navigation is very basic, but you won't get lost. If I had a suggestion, it would be to link up their header image to the member home page. As it is now, you have to scroll to the base of a page to find a home page link in the footer.

Reality sites definitely have an avid following, and producing new scenes to fit the site themes week after week keep the producers busy, busy, busy. Producing even one reality site is an undertaking in and of itself, but running a mega reality site program that requires weekly updates with exclusive content has to be a scheduler's nightmare. But, the guys at seem to relish the challenge and are faithfully producing content for their line of reality sites, and producing a collection of sites and videos that are certainly worth the price of admission.

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