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Erotic Spank

Reviewed on 06/16/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.5

Main: Bdsm

3 Day Trial: $1.00 (recurs at $39.95)
1 Month: $24.95

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First Impression:
Erotic Spank offers "Erotic ass spanking action caught on DVD quality video." I like that, both the name and the first line of text in the promotional tour state exactly what the site is about. Scan through the several pages of the site’s tour and the images bring more precision to the theme of erotic spanking. Yes there are some reddened bottoms for sure, but it seems pussies are spanked as often as those bottoms and they are just as bare. The impression I am left with is that the spanking here is an adjunct to masturbation and I am hoping to see a lot of real orgasms. Erotic Spank’s extensive tour depicts a wide variety of spanking scenarios, and while guy spanking girl predominates, there is girl on girl, girl on guy, multiple girls on guy, guy and girl on girl, guy on two girl, etc. They have every variation covered include interracial. There is just one element of the tour that makes me think I am not going to be wild about this site and that is the presence of Greg Myer in the tour. I found something familiar about the look and feel of many of the tour images and then there he was, not once but twice. This is only going to be a problem for me and maybe those of similar minds who see a lot of porn and therefore run across Greg’s work everywhere. That can be a good thing if you like his work.

Erotic Spank is one of a hundred bonus sites in a huge mega site of videos usually cut from DVDs. In the case of Erotic Spank there are 37 episodes. The last update was December 2006, so don’t expect anymore updates. Each episode gives you a choice of videos and pictures. The pictures here are real ones, not video captures, and are in the 500-600x800 pixels range. There is no slide show option. The videos can be streamed in low, medium and high quality but for most of the videos there is not difference between the medium and the high setting. The video download is only available in WMV format and is offered at two playing speeds, 512 and 1024 kbps, although most videos are only available 512 kbps.

Episode 15 with Alyssa, Venessa and Pancho is only offered at 512 kbps but the download does not work. It produces the message "unable to load..." Please Mister Webmaster, check your uploads to the site to be sure they actually work. If webmasters care little about their site why should we? Episode 13 is hilarious. To begin with virtually any cheapo porn production with dialogue almost always has its moments of hilarity. But when the two actors both speak tortured convoluted English as they act out a scene of teacher disciplining rude student; we are treated to something really comic. When the student gives her teacher the finger he exclaims, "What are you think about you!" The young brunette girl has a lovely natural body. The spanking is as incompetent as the English with her bum only becoming the slightest shade of pale pink or maybe its coloring is just overwhelmed by the yellow cast and white hot spots of the poorly lit set.

Episode 23 was typical Greg Meyer. It is not just the same backgrounds used over and over again that turns me off a Meyer production. It is that every video has the same low quality look and feel to it. Episode 23 with its greenish-yellow cast and tinny sound is a good example. Again it is only offered in 512 kbps. The action is best described as soft spanking, pussy patting but it is nevertheless erotic and I think the girl may have had a real orgasm. She certainly gives the impression of being engaged in the moment.
Episode 27 is a surprise. There is no spanking at all. We are treated to an attractive young blonde woman with perky tits who masturbates for the camera. Why it is here, is inexplicable. Is this just more sloppiness on the part of a webmaster that doesn’t care?

Episodes 28, 29, 30 and 31 have no videos only pictures in the 600x800 pixel range. I am again befuddled. Why no videos for these episodes? Another webmaster screw-up?

I am under-whelmed by this site. I did find some of the episodes arousing but the quality of the videos, most only available at 512 kbps, is very far removed from the "DVD quality video" claimed in the site’s promo and is one more irritation on top of several missing videos. Fortunately there is a massive amount of additional porn available in the many bonus sites with which to console oneself, unless of course you only came for the spanking. I think people really into spanking might also find the spanking too soft here.

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