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Ebony Addiction

Reviewed on 03/31/2008 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 10
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.8

Main: Black
Additional: Hi-def

3 Day Trial: $1.85 (recurs at $39.98)
1 Month: $29.99

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
I am confused by the promotional tour for Ebony Addiction. The site boasts "all ebony videos" which gives the impression that this is a black site and many of the images and videos in the tour would support that thesis. It's the others that make you wonder about what the site is really trying to be because they depict inter-racial sex between blacks and white and it is not just the clich?d black guys on white girls, it is also white guys on black girls. I am almost surprised to not see any black guys on white guys since there doesn't seem to be any consistency in the site's premise other than there is a least one black person in each set. Porn sites are constantly searching for ways to differentiate themselves from the pack but it takes more than a name. I like the name. It would be a good name for a black site. But there are white folks here. So what kind of site is this? It says it is the number one ebony site on the web. That's easy; there are no ebony sites; there are black sites. Check the categories on the left, no ebony. It says black. The tour also says it has "all the big black dicks, fat ebony booty, and hardcore ebony action your cock craves". But then why show a lily-white dick and a tiny white ass on the front page of your tour? So let's get in and see what this "mostly black" site is about.

This week's update is Courtney Page. She seems perfect for the site, a mulatto. Courtney is a pretty girl of mixed race. I don't know if mulatto is a correct word to use any more. One doesn't hear it or see it in journalistic print. Let's just say that her confused race matches the confused premise of the site. Her movie is available in three formats, high definition, standard and QuickTime. As a reviewer I like to see QuickTime because if it loads quickly I can jump ahead in the movie and see more of the site in a shorter period of time. I click on the high definition to see how it streams. I reviewed a sister site of this one about a month ago and the download was not fast enough; the stream kept buffering. Download speeds never got much above 100 kb/s. It is 3:30 in the morning EST as I write this. Download speed is around 300 kb/s. You have to be quick if you want to download something though. The screen giving you that option only stays open for a second. Courtney's video arrives quickly. It seems a little washed out as though they tried to lighten it. Otherwise quality is very good at full screen. Courtney herself is a pretty slim woman with an attractive natural body. She does a strip and masturbates with a dildo. It is boring.

I see from the other updates that there may be a future part 2 and part 3 for Courtney. I don't like it when a video is divided into parts and used as weekly updates. There are 53 of these kinds of updates. For fans of Lacey DuValle, you will be happy to know that she is here. I didn't realize she is so light skinned or maybe it is just the contrast with the much darker dude she is paired with. It has been a long time since I have seen her. I don't remember the large tattoo on her thorax.

On page three of the member's area all the women are white, not one black woman on the page. I avoid Lexi Love of the funny stomach tattoo and click on Savannah Stern. I am in QuickTime mode now meaning I want to move through this site fast. I find Savannah somewhat more believable in her sexual interaction than all the black women I have viewed including Lacey DuValle. Believable enough that after viewing Part three, I want to have a look at part 1. I also like the setting for the shoot with the creative use of dozens of free hanging light bulbs in the background.

There is no dialogue in any of the shoots. I find most of the videos boring. The women are attractive enough, the camera work is competent, but the sex is uninspired. We are watching professionals at work. Maybe I have just seen too much porn but it is all beginning to look the same. That is why I like amateur porn, real people having real sex.

Ebony Addiction is a confused black site, confused because it is a black site full of white people. I found the site boring. The women are attractive. The videos are good quality. It is the sex that is boring. It looks like so much of porn today, professionally done by professionals. Professional sex is so mechanical and linear and formulaic and boring when you have seen as much of it as I have.

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